An Inside look at IFBB Men's Physique Pro Jake Phippen's contest prep for 2014 IFBB Pro Grand Prix

Part I of a IIII part series following IFBB Men's physique pro Jake Phippen's contest prep for 2014 IFBB Pro Grand Prix April 12 in Culver City, CA (Los Angeles) 
Interviewed - 2/2014

ABFITT: Jake the last time you spoke with Abfitt you were wrapping up the 2013 season with a win
at the Sacramento pro. Can you bring us up to speed on what's been going on in your offseason?

Jake Phippen: Since the IFBB Sacramento Pro my coach and I decided to add a little mass to my physique, increase metabolism, and continue to work on symmetry.

The last couple months my diet has been a higher caloric intake mainly through an increase in carbs with a free meal once a week. My workouts would be described best as MET Training (Metabolic Enhancement Training). This is strength and/or conditioning exercises performed with the intention of increasing the capacity and efficiency of the energy pathways to store and deliver energy for activity.

As of this morning my weight is up 12 lbs from what I
 typically show at. With the increase in mass I will step on stage heavier, fuller, and just as lean. Very excited to see the end result April 12!

ABFITT: Lets talk about your upcoming contest, the first for the 2014 season. The 2014 IFBB Pro Grand Prix April 12 in Culver City, CA (Los Angeles) Why this particular venue?

Jake Phippen: I wanted to get back on stage ASAP to give myself
 enough chances to try and qualify for the 2014 Olympia and this show is 1 of the 2 first IFBB Pro Men's Physique shows of the year. It's the closest event from where I live and I enjoy competing out in Cali. But, the main reason I wanted to do this show was for the competition. There will be a bunch of guys competing who also competed and placed in the '13 Olympia. This will give me an idea of where I stack against them and what I need to work on.

ABFITT: So take the casual observer through your thought process going from your last contest to this point, as you prepare for the Grand Prix.

Jake Phippen: Mental strength will either make or break you. I get into the mindset that nothing will stop me or distract me from my prep. I always train to win and this motivates to give my all day in and day out.

ABFITT: Take us through a typical day of contest prep for Jake Phippen. Your nutrition, your training, your mental state. *(Trying to give someone who has never sacrificed the things a competitor has to in order to compete an idea of  the daily struggles as well as rewards a athlete goes through during contest prep)

Jake Phippen: Nutrition wise I eat 6 meals per day and an Intra Workout drink called Plazma. My protein and fat is divided up fairly evenly through 6 meals and the carbs are setup for recovery and optimizing my metabolism (Each meal has a different carb amount).

 I workout 6 days a week with 1 recovery day and no cardio at this point. With the way MET training works my workouts include some heavy lifting, lighter tempo lifts, followed by a short high intensity circuit. I try to workout at the same time everyday. These routines last between 1-1 1/2hrs.

Each day I wakeup with the intent to better myself from the day before. This could include physically, mentally, or emotionally. Always trying to improve some aspect of my life.

Let me take you throughout a typical day while prepping for a show.

4am: wakeup, check weight, posing practice
5am: meal 1, work
8am: meal 2, work
11am: meal 3, social media, emails, and online clients
2pm: meal 4, preworkout supplements
3pm: workout, posing at the gym, work
5pm: meal 5, work
8pm: meal 6,
 social media, emails, and online clients
9pm: posing at home, meal prep 
10pm: bed

I normally cut out all social life so I don't put myself into a position to possibly ruin my progress. I also ramp up posing. Bad posing can ruin an exceptional physique. I've seen too many great competitors lose out because they don't present themselves well. I love my sleep and go to bed early but sleep is a key element for proper recovery. If you don't get

 Your rest your body will start breaking down and this can affect hormone levels and loss of muscle mass. I know if I can be 100% in the situations under my control (eating, workouts, sleep, posing, social life, etc) then I will bring to stage the best physique possible.

ABFITT: Any other shows planned for the 2014 season?

Jake Phippen:The only other show I have in mind is the Dallas Europa May 3. After that my coach and I will make a decision as to what shows would be ideal and realistic to compete in.  

ABFITT: Thanks for your time Jake. We are going to chat again at three weeks out for the second of four updates as we follow you in your lead up and post contest for the Grand Prix.

Jake Phippen: Thank you again and I look forward to updating you all in a few weeks. Feel free to follow me on social media and don't hesitate to ask any questions about my prep.
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