FACT: Creatine and whey protein combined boosts lean muscle mass, Both are popular gym supplements and both have been studied and scrutinized more than any other health supplement. Creatine works by increasing muscle creatine phosphate levels and stimulating protein synthesis ( the building of a larger + stronger muscle ).
Whey protein taken both before and after training increasing amino acid availability( building blocks of protein ). Combine the two supplements along with smart eating habits and plenty of good sleep and you've assured your body has the key elements for repair and recoup. Now your ready for tomorrow's workout.

Richard Seymour

Your Sculpted Image

Training intensely with programs such as my H.I.G.T routine ( see other detailed posts) and adequate rest & recovery are the keys to raising your natural growth hormone levels. ( HG= Produced in the pituitary gland, nerve, immune and reproductive cells. This hormone with exercise will increase lean muscle tissue and body mass. Will decrease fat, strengthen the immune system, improve learning and memory and boost cardiovascular performance. ) Which will speed your rate of building muscle mass and cut down total body fat percentage.
It feels good to have a sculpted physique. Cut and well defined muscle tone, low body fat and ripped abs. Truth is the intense training and strict eating habits are hard work and for some no fun at all. If you want to see the results of your hard work, turn up your natural growth hormone levels and build some muscle, get stronger, lose abdominal fat and develop a body that turns heads.
Richard Seymour


A great way to burn additional calories after your ( "the key is after" ) your weight workout is with the rope. That's right, like I have explained in the past skipping rope for ten straight minutes at about 80% mhr will burn just as many calories as running for 30 min.
Skipping rope builds strenght and stamina, sculpts your legs and develops strong shoulders. Helps shape a well defined core. However many people use the rope skipping workout for a warm up. That is all wrong. See the body needs about twenty minutes of intense training just to burn stored calories as fuel. It's shortly after your stored calories are burned that the body begins top use body fat as a source of fuel.
Making A practice of skipping rope after your weight training does a number of things. First you insure all stored carbohydrates have been burned off to fuel your weight training, when you need them the most. Second you tap into your fat stores when doing the cardio ( skipping rope ) that is when you want to be toasting additional fat. Combining my high intensity training principles along with skipping rope is a huge step to achieving the body you deserve.
Richard Seymour


I don't speak of my personal life often in these blogs, however today thinking of my wife back in the states ( I am working in Africa ) and wondering how she was progressing in her training. See, she is as devoted to a healthy lifestyle as I am and has recently adopted my H.I.G.T training methods. Determined to accomplish a few new fitness goals she has set out for herself. My wife has always trained and trains hard. Ever since I have known her. Truth is she is a perfectionist and reaches for the heavens in everything she does.
My wife is a few years from receiving her PhD, she already has her Masters and is a member of the National Honor Society. She is part of an extremely competitive program and to top it off she runs a research grant. I know, "catch your breath." She is a beautiful woman and has an above average level of fitness; she trains harder than most men! Trust me. As great as that is, what makes her so remarkable is her mental fortitude. She is a thinker! A researcher and a problem solver. She has taught me you can learn more from your mistakes than by getting something right the first time. Our most recent discussion, before she began to travel for the weekend, was about her training. She explained to me what her plan was and why, I had to smile to myself as I listened because she had learned one of the most important principles that's part of H.I.G.T. (high intensity group training)Instinctive training. I can't teach it to you, it comes from knowing and listening to your body and takes experience to do that. She described it to me perfectly...a victory for her. What a beautiful mind.....
Richard Seymour


I recently have had a ton of E-mails in regards to ABFITT. Thank you so much for your interest and all your questions and comments. I love it. I hope in the coming months we grow more and more. The one question that seems to be asked the most of me is, "how do you find a good personal trainer?" I will do my best to answer. Good and even great trainers are out there, you just have to know a couple of things. Never trust anyone who promotes a head shot and only wants to discuss his or her accomplishments. I don't care what you have done in the past, I want to know, do you practice what you preach, and if so your body will reflect that.

Every human is different and your training needs and program should be customized to your body type and goals, as well as your current level of fitness. If someone offers you a cookie cutter program, run the other way. I have no world records to mention or championship trophies in my office.

What I do have is twenty two years of practical experience. I have trained along side world champions and professionals in the fitness industry. I have learned through trial and error. I have competed on both amateur and professional levels. What I offer you is a name brand in RICHARD SEYMOUR'S FIT SCHOOL. A name brand you can trust for reliable information that's been tested and proven to work. I want to make sure my name is attached to the information I provide. I am not narcissistic, I just want to give you a good feeling when you see the name H.I.G.T ( high intensity group training ), and it's principles DO work. I am sharing this with you for nothing in return. It's your health & peace of mind. Now what's more important than that?

Allentown's new boxing gym

An old friend of mine and former professional fighter Luis Melendez has opened a boxing gym at 315 Linden st. on the fourth floor, in Allentown PA. Luis trains both amateurs and professional boxers. For more info call 484-860-5162. Luis is available from 5pm-9pm.


From years of experience I can tell you, boxing training is one of the most grueling forms of work out, period. Aerobic as well as anaerobic. Hand-eye coordination as well as your reflexes will be tested. Speed and agility is gained to perform well.

Just look at any boxer's physique. Ninety percent could easily grace the cover of any national fitness publication. Strong shoulders and defined arms. Abdominals that can't be hidden under a t-shirt and legs like steel. From years of experience, trial and error, and many sacrifices I can tell you the same of training with weights. Bottom line with weights: you can mold your body into a walking piece of art. Combine the two forms of training and you have simply the most balanced routine possible.

In 1992 I began a program for a health club in Selinsgrove, PA, called Boxing for Fitness. To my surprise it was a hit. Men checked their egos at the door and woman came in droves to be challenged by training like a professional fighter. The results were amazing, people were hooked. I want to help you become" better today" than you were yesterday. Try combining exercises from my H.I.G.T program with basic boxing exercises, such as shadow boxing, skipping rope, and hitting the heavy bag. Training can be a sport! It is and should be fun!

Boxing for fitness combined with H.IG.T training for life-long health and a lean and muscular you.

Richard Seymour


High Intensity Group Training, (H.I.G.T).....
My method and training philosophy for building Muscle, enhancing muscular endurance and incinerating fat. This program allows you to develope whole body functional fitness. I do the exercises that work in rapid succession with little rest between exercises. No it's not new, and yes it is a version of circuit training. However we eliminate unesassary movements and group the ones the body responds to in a series of four exercises that recruit the most amount of muscle fibers and they are performed using increasingly challangeing poundages with little to no rest between.
Sound challenging? It is...Sample of a group. No rest! Rapid sucsession.
Squat, 225 pds 10> reps
Deadlift, 225 10> reps
Bench press, 200>10 reps
Military press, 150> 10 reps....................
Now breath!... You just completed one set of four! 30 sec -1min rest and begin again. You with experience train your body to recruit more muscle fibers to handle the ever increasing loads and stress. Your heart rate sky rockets, Your intensity is forced to a new level, in time better overall cardiovascular condition is achieved, your metabolism is fast forwarded into a fat burning zone that stays with you for hours upon leaving the gym.
Eat smart, (protein, carbs in the right amounts for your body) get good sleep,( that's when you repair and build the new muscle) supplement and most of all stay consistent. No magic here, just stay focused. Fitness has two points...begin and continue.

Greatness is within us

We all have the ability to be great! Now I don't necessarily mean on the playing field or in the gym but in our everyday lives. Greatness is a state of mind, a true belief in one's self. Your job, your daily life. Believe it, then demonstrate it with action.

I start each day telling myself I am going to be great today. Positive thinking will lead to positive action. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Rise above the everyday same-old same-old. Attack each day as though you're in a championship boxing match. Don't allow your thinking to become the same as the negative people you will come in contact with. You have come this far, you are here because you put yourself in this position in your life, no one helped you.

So go be great today! Greatness is within all of us.

Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour's / Fit School

FACT: There's a window of about 30-60 minutes after a workout when your body is most receptive to nutrients. This, simply put, is the single-most anabolic time period of the day. Miss this opportunity and you're spinning your wheels. Refuel and rebuild your body with quality whey protein (25-35 grams), creatine (5 grams), amino acids (branched chain), and carbs (70 grams).

FACT: Skipping rope at about 80% mhr for about 10 min. Will burn the same amount of calories as running for 30 min.

FACT: Muscle hypertrophy requires muscle tension, anabolic hormones and growth factors, calories, amino acids, and rest between training. Miss any of these factors and results will elude you.

Train smart!

Womans Fitness, Ladies are more serious than ever!

Today more than ever it is common to see women side by side with the men using the very same free weights, squat racks, and even the heavy bags that we guys are using. They ( the ladies) are not afraid any longer to stray from women-only facilities or the ladies area in back rooms of large health club chains. Hardcore! And I love it.

No reason a woman shouldn't want the muscle building and FAT burning benefits of weight training. Women who train today are educated in proper nutrition and up to date on current fitness programs. No longer are they afraid to grind out miles on the treadmills or slug it out for a few rounds with the punch mitts. Skip rope, squat, dead lift, push-ups, super-set, and just flat out train with as much intensity as any man. I know this because over the years my wife has progressed and learned and committed to training with no rules or barriers to hold her back.

I have seen the changes in the gyms, health clubs, and even the dimly lit side alley boxing clubs. Women are pursuing their fitness goals at all cost. So remember, her fitness, her training, and her goals are just as important as ours are to us guys. Only they might not talk so much about it. In fact I know of one lady right now at 4am is pumping out miles on the treadmill in PA, before work. So ladies- train hard, eat smart, and feel good about your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Richard Seymour.

Great ab's, strong chest and shoulders and defined legs!!

Here is a full body superset using exercises from my (H.I.G.T) program to get the most out of any limited schedule. Intensity is the key! Progressivly increasing your weight with each set and reducing your rest period between sets. Move quickly from one exercise to the next and have the equipment needed for the next exercise ready to make the trasition from one to the next smoothly with little to no wasted time. Remember intensity. Please warm up thoroughly.

1. Push up>Pull up>Dips....3 sets as many reps as you can perform with good form.
(swinging yourself up to complete a pull up does not count for a rep)
2. Bent over barbell row>Stiff legged dead lift>Dumbell lunges.

3. Barbell squat>Dumbell squat and press>Standing barbell curl.

You just worked every muscle in your body! Your abdominal muscles worked hard in every exercise you just performed to stabilize your spine and assist in most movements. Now get your protein and creatine in you, eat good foods throughout the day. You're on your way to building a beautiful body and creating functional strength.

Mark Twight of Gym Jones

I am always looking for individuals who work outside the box when it comes to both their own fitness as well as training methods. One such individual from which I think anyone would find motivation once you listen to him speak and read his thoughts on fitness, is Mark Twight. Gym Jones is located in Utah and I encourage you to check out his web-site. I will say I don't agree with all his training methods, however he has an interesting perspective on fitness. Below is Mr. Twight discussing some preparations for the actors of last year's hit movie 300. You can visit Mr. Twight at

What motivates you? Part 2

No matter what has gone on in my life I have made it a point to stay consistent in training and my overall fitness. Believing each and everyday I can improve and get better. Truth is I believe this about every aspect of my life and I don't talk the talk I just put in the work. My career, my marriage, my faith, my friendships.
Unfortunately, as I stated in part one, many people have no idea how to reach their goals. I think for some, lack of vision or desire. How do I know this? Because I am around it so much. Today at thirty seven I am still being asked, "Why do you put so much into fitness and eating smart?" That to me is an unbelievable question. To which my standard reply, "How could you not?" Your health and your fitness- many adults, with all the other things going on in our lives, put those two low on the priority list. All along missing, never quit understanding, that your health and your fitness will have a direct impact on all other facets of your life. How Rich? How is that true? Commitment and consistency! Apply it any place in your lives and the results are the same. Not to mention the mountain of scientific data out there showing the endless benefits of weight training and cardiovascular training on your long term health. For me its less about self image and more about the life long commitment, the challenge, because fitness has two points: start and continue. What motivates you?!

What Motivates you? Part 1

Goals- we all have them. Some small, some large, some attainable, some, well let's just say maybe still out of reach. Career, family, education, relationships- we all have these segments of our lives we need to focus on and work towards improving. So what drives you? What is your motivation? What is your passion? Have you reached your goals? If not do you know how to go about it? Do you have the dedication and drive to get to the very position in your life you are working towards? You dream about? For some, yes! For many, no.
How do I know this? Because no matter what I have done in my life, serving my country in the US Army as an Infantry soldier at eighteen or battling my way through amateur boxing tournaments, trying to climb the rankings in the world of professional boxing, or trying to make a business grow with my auto detail shop and boxing gym, I had one consistency in my life! From failed relationships to failed businesses to a new career in the entertainment industry and traveling around the country. From working toward my education to another new career, I have had one consistency in my life and that has been, is, and always will be my health and overall fitness. TRAINING! At a very young age I set a goal, one of many, and to this day I am still working toward it. To live my life being the very best I can be. Are you?

At 37 years old I think I can still compete......

Something just clicked! I arrived Home from Angola Africa on Feb 26th. It was real busy at work, 13 hr days 28 days straight. I am an Engineer on Bell (the largest operator in the world) 427, 430, and 412's (helicopters) for Heli-Malongo, an off-shore oil operator. I work and I train, period, that's what I do. However, when I got home my wife and I, along with some friends, went to Vegas for some r&r (yeah right, you can't rest in Vegas!) I think it was on the strip when it happened. I saw a taxi cab with a huge billboard of the upcoming Bernard Hopkins vs Calzghie fight.
The blood began to pump, the thrill of training and anticipating the fight! Boy do I miss that. Could I still do it? The flight home it was all I could think of. I never stopped training after I retired from Pro boxing. I never took a beating in both amature and professional fighting. I last fought at 130 Pd's Lightweight. Through the years I have trained so intensely I am now a rock solid 165 with 7% body fat. I am stronger! I am so much stronger!! I am faster and I am smarter about how to prepare. I have spent the past ten years educating and training others. Yet boxing still tugs at me. Can I give it one more go?
I tested myself recently with a local fighter. Ten years out of the ring and I handled myself like it was yesterday. I controlled the pace, I got stronger as the rounds went by. I think one more fight is in me. So I have been calling some old fight contacts and I will spend this next trip in Africa training with the goal of doing some serious sparring when I get back and maybe, just maybe.... To be continued.

Stretching for older athlete's and fitness buffs

Importance of proper stretching as you get older:

I am a 45 year old male. My body now reminds me of every injury I ever shook off as a young athlete. I have had multiple broken bones from football, baseball and boxing. I was wheelchair bound for 1 1/2 years due to a car accident. I am now 45, 5'11" tall and 195lbs. Around the time I turned 39 I was still working out like I did in my 20s, including distance running to give me the energy and help deal with the daily stresses of a job as a professional and raising 5 kids. Yet I started finding myself constantly fighting injuries, mainly pulled muscles, tendon tears and flare ups of tendinitis. Continually believed in the theory to just work through it. That thinking I found just landed me in the doctors office.

Then I started listening to the Yoga people and those who preached stretching. I now spend after a light warm up more time stretching and yoga type exercising then I do weight training. I am also a firm believer in Rich Seymour's more weight less rep training techniques. Not only does it burn more weight when you are actually sleeping, it’s easier on an older persons joints.

As an avid skier I have learned something else that has been more helpful to my fitness and feeling better on the slopes especially that painful first run.

You have probably heard many times people say as soon as I am done skiing, I am getting right in the HOT TUB. Try doing this before you ski, then once your body is thoroughly warmed up [20 minutes in the tub] stretch, especially those thigh muscles and ski. Let me know haw that first run is then.

So for you older people or someone recovering from injury and just getting back to the gym STRETCH. Stretch slowly while you breathe regular and thoroughly. Any feelings of pain stop.


Terry Collier