High Intensity Group Training, (H.I.G.T).....
My method and training philosophy for building Muscle, enhancing muscular endurance and incinerating fat. This program allows you to develope whole body functional fitness. I do the exercises that work in rapid succession with little rest between exercises. No it's not new, and yes it is a version of circuit training. However we eliminate unesassary movements and group the ones the body responds to in a series of four exercises that recruit the most amount of muscle fibers and they are performed using increasingly challangeing poundages with little to no rest between.
Sound challenging? It is...Sample of a group. No rest! Rapid sucsession.
Squat, 225 pds 10> reps
Deadlift, 225 10> reps
Bench press, 200>10 reps
Military press, 150> 10 reps....................
Now breath!... You just completed one set of four! 30 sec -1min rest and begin again. You with experience train your body to recruit more muscle fibers to handle the ever increasing loads and stress. Your heart rate sky rockets, Your intensity is forced to a new level, in time better overall cardiovascular condition is achieved, your metabolism is fast forwarded into a fat burning zone that stays with you for hours upon leaving the gym.
Eat smart, (protein, carbs in the right amounts for your body) get good sleep,( that's when you repair and build the new muscle) supplement and most of all stay consistent. No magic here, just stay focused. Fitness has two points...begin and continue.