I don't speak of my personal life often in these blogs, however today thinking of my wife back in the states ( I am working in Africa ) and wondering how she was progressing in her training. See, she is as devoted to a healthy lifestyle as I am and has recently adopted my H.I.G.T training methods. Determined to accomplish a few new fitness goals she has set out for herself. My wife has always trained and trains hard. Ever since I have known her. Truth is she is a perfectionist and reaches for the heavens in everything she does.
My wife is a few years from receiving her PhD, she already has her Masters and is a member of the National Honor Society. She is part of an extremely competitive program and to top it off she runs a research grant. I know, "catch your breath." She is a beautiful woman and has an above average level of fitness; she trains harder than most men! Trust me. As great as that is, what makes her so remarkable is her mental fortitude. She is a thinker! A researcher and a problem solver. She has taught me you can learn more from your mistakes than by getting something right the first time. Our most recent discussion, before she began to travel for the weekend, was about her training. She explained to me what her plan was and why, I had to smile to myself as I listened because she had learned one of the most important principles that's part of H.I.G.T. (high intensity group training)Instinctive training. I can't teach it to you, it comes from knowing and listening to your body and takes experience to do that. She described it to me perfectly...a victory for her. What a beautiful mind.....
Richard Seymour