At 37 years old I think I can still compete......

Something just clicked! I arrived Home from Angola Africa on Feb 26th. It was real busy at work, 13 hr days 28 days straight. I am an Engineer on Bell (the largest operator in the world) 427, 430, and 412's (helicopters) for Heli-Malongo, an off-shore oil operator. I work and I train, period, that's what I do. However, when I got home my wife and I, along with some friends, went to Vegas for some r&r (yeah right, you can't rest in Vegas!) I think it was on the strip when it happened. I saw a taxi cab with a huge billboard of the upcoming Bernard Hopkins vs Calzghie fight.
The blood began to pump, the thrill of training and anticipating the fight! Boy do I miss that. Could I still do it? The flight home it was all I could think of. I never stopped training after I retired from Pro boxing. I never took a beating in both amature and professional fighting. I last fought at 130 Pd's Lightweight. Through the years I have trained so intensely I am now a rock solid 165 with 7% body fat. I am stronger! I am so much stronger!! I am faster and I am smarter about how to prepare. I have spent the past ten years educating and training others. Yet boxing still tugs at me. Can I give it one more go?
I tested myself recently with a local fighter. Ten years out of the ring and I handled myself like it was yesterday. I controlled the pace, I got stronger as the rounds went by. I think one more fight is in me. So I have been calling some old fight contacts and I will spend this next trip in Africa training with the goal of doing some serious sparring when I get back and maybe, just maybe.... To be continued.