I recently have had a ton of E-mails in regards to ABFITT. Thank you so much for your interest and all your questions and comments. I love it. I hope in the coming months we grow more and more. The one question that seems to be asked the most of me is, "how do you find a good personal trainer?" I will do my best to answer. Good and even great trainers are out there, you just have to know a couple of things. Never trust anyone who promotes a head shot and only wants to discuss his or her accomplishments. I don't care what you have done in the past, I want to know, do you practice what you preach, and if so your body will reflect that.

Every human is different and your training needs and program should be customized to your body type and goals, as well as your current level of fitness. If someone offers you a cookie cutter program, run the other way. I have no world records to mention or championship trophies in my office.

What I do have is twenty two years of practical experience. I have trained along side world champions and professionals in the fitness industry. I have learned through trial and error. I have competed on both amateur and professional levels. What I offer you is a name brand in RICHARD SEYMOUR'S FIT SCHOOL. A name brand you can trust for reliable information that's been tested and proven to work. I want to make sure my name is attached to the information I provide. I am not narcissistic, I just want to give you a good feeling when you see the name H.I.G.T ( high intensity group training ), and it's principles DO work. I am sharing this with you for nothing in return. It's your health & peace of mind. Now what's more important than that?