"Today will be an amazing day because that's what I choose...and today I will recognise and consider every opportunity that presents itself.
I will be more aware, more conscious, more proactive and more open to what comes my way. I will not be handicapped by laziness, apathy, ignorance, fear or selective blindness and I will step up to the plate every day, every day.
I will not wait for gifts or luck,I will find opportunities and I will squeeze every ounce of potential out of every cell of my body. I will not make excuses; I will find a way and I will not die with my music still in me."


The basic principals of exercise always stay the same: Move your body, break down and rebuild muscle fibers, burn more calories than you take in. Bing, bang, boom: You lose weight and get fit. But the options for how you decide to exercise are always changing—and that’s good news for anyone struggling to find the perfect workout. It really is important to find a program that fits into your lifestyle, and not one where your lifestyle has to fit into someone else’s program. Even then, you can benefit from something new. If you do the same routine over and over again, it gets a little boring and you plateau. If a routine becomes too repetitive, your body adjusts by burning fewer calories. It’s important that you’re able to find and try different things. With that in mind, here is a multi joint, multi muscle exercises to add to any workout from my H.I.G.T program to give your routine a boost.



The “Pocket Rocket” is back

Wayne McCullough added to the ShoBox “Cayman Knockout!”
Irish eyes will be smiling at the news that – following a nearly three-year absence – 1992 Olympic Silver Medalist and former WBC bantamweight world champion, Wayne “Pocket Rocket” McCullough, will be featured on the non-televised portion of the undercard of the Friday, June 20th Showtime ShoBox “Cayman Knockout!” McCullough (27-6, 18 KOs), a native of Belfast, Northern Ireland now living in Las Vegas, will take on rugged Juan Ruiz (21-5, 6 KOs), of Santa Clarita, California in a scheduled 10-round featherweight contest.
“People will probably say this is a comeback, but in truth I never retired,” stated McCullough. “I lost my last fight against Oscar Larios going for a world title. Most recently I was supposed to fight in Belfast last December, but my opponent -- Kiko Martinez -- didn’t make weight, so the fight was called off and I just kept training and getting ready to fight when the right opportunity presented itself.”
McCullough’s goal is to win another title and promoter Dan Goossen agrees that the “Pocket Rocket” is on the right track. “This is the type of challenge that will immediately catapult Wayne into a world championship bout with a victory,” Goossen exclaimed- Boxing news


Three mistakes I see woman make when it comes to training, over and over again. Are you making them?

1) Too much cardio and negligent weight training: Most women refrain from doing any weight lifting in the mistaken notion that they might end up with muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nothing could be further than the truth. Fitness bodybuilding enhances good health and increases physical strength Women cannot and do not produce testosterone naturally in the body and so are incapable of building the massive muscles usually seen on male bodybuilders. The muscles one sees on women bodybuilders are almost always acquired by external testosterone boosters. An exercise routine that combines female fitness and bodybuilding helps women develop fit, healthy bodies with well-formed and toned muscles.

2)A calorie intake that is way too low: The first thing most women resort to, in an attempt to lose weight is to go on a crash diet. This however has the opposite of the desired effect. The body goes into starvation mode and starts burning up muscle for fuel and retains the body fat. The fallout of having a metabolism rate that is too low is that every morsel that you consume then gets converted into fat. Also you are more likely to be hungry all the time and prone to temptation when offered a calorie-filled treat.

3)Staying focused on the pounds: A female fitness and training regimen helps reduce body fat and increase muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. Hence the results may not show up on the weighing scale even though body fat has been lost. The best way to check progress is to focus on inches that are lost or gained in the right places. So stay off the scale girls, the mirror does not lie and will be more accurate.

So don't fall into these traps ladies. Train smart use my H.I.G.T program and practice it's principles.



According to many fitness experts a resting heart rate (RHR) of about seventy beats per minute upon waking is a indication of a healthy heart. It means your heart is doing it's job and you probably are an active individual and have decent eating habits. Between forty five and sixty beats a minute at rest, is a sure shot that you are living a fitness lifestyle with way above average training, conditioning and eating( correct foods and the correct amounts ) knowledge under your belt.
As low as forty beats per minute according to most exercise professionals, this puts you in an elite athlete's category. Simple find your pulse and count your heart beats for one minute once you wake first thing in the morning. Try to do the same after an intense set of exercises grouped together in a super-set fashion. Take notice of how long it will take your heart rate to return to normal. If you find you are breathing hard and doing some huffing and puffing, you have some work to do. It's OK you can do it. With some planning and consistency, you will have a well conditioned heart.
Come on, test yourself
STEP 1: TEST YOURSELF It's a simple matter of taking your pulse at several key times.
Check your resting heart rate Do this on a nonstressful morning, before you've had any coffee. Sit quietly for five minutes, breathing deeply, and then take your pulse. Count the beats for a minute.
Check your max heart rate Do the exercises found in my H.I.G.T program to failure, found on these pages below. Immediately check your heart rate. It's easiest to do this with a heart-rate monitor. However, if you take your pulse manually, count for just 15 seconds this time and multiply by four.
Check your recovery rate Now sit, rest for a minute, and check your heart rate again. Subtract this number from your max rate. This is your recovery rate.
Get the difference between your max and resting rates Simply subtract your resting rate from your max heart rate.

STEP 2: SCORE YOURSELF Award yourself points based on the following:
Resting heart rate More than 75: 3.5 points; 75Ð70: 2.5 points; 69Ð65: 2 points; 64Ð60: 1.5 points; less than 60: 1
Recovery heart rate Less than 25: 2 points; 25Ð35: 1.5 points; more than 35: 1 point
Difference between high and resting rates Less than 89: 4 points; 89Ð113: 2.5 points; more than 113: 1 point
One of your parents suffered a heart attack and died within an hour Yes: 1 point; no: 0 points

STEP 3: LOOK INTO YOUR FUTURE Approximate your risk of a fatal heart attack.
Add up your heart rate scores, divide by three, and add in the parental history Each point represents your estimated added risk of a fatal heart attack, extrapolated from the numbers in the NEJM study. Any number above 1 is the percentage increase of your risk (i.e., a 1.5 means you're about 50 percent more likely to die from a heart attack than a guy with a 1). Not happy with your score? Give yourself a month on this plan and recompute. Again good luck, and remember this is a way to gauge your heart's production.


Getting Motivated

Mrs. Seymour writes: Food Fit (www.foodfit.com) is a very resourceful site for all things fitness. I log on often to search for healthy recipes. You can narrow your searches according to your dietary interests or needs. For instance, you can browse recipes according to the following categories: nutrition (i.e. low in carbs, low in sodium, low in sugar, rich in protein...), main ingredient, course/meal, special considerations (i.e. 5 ingredients or less, grilled, kid-friendly, quick/easy, vegitarian), cuisine, and special occassion. Although I use this site mostly for recipe searches, there is a wealth of information to be found at foodfit.com. For tips on healthy eating, healthy cooking, and general fitness- I highly recommend you log on and register, it's FREE. Under the "Fitness" tab of the site, I found an excellent article regarding ways to break out of an exercise slump. Below are 11 ways to get motivated:

1) Embarrass Yourself
Make a mark on your calendar every time you make it to the gym or park. Seeing your motivation, (or lack thereof) in black and white helps keep you going. Suzanne Schlosberg and Liz Neporent, authors of Fitness for Dummies, Second Edition (IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., 2000) suggest "whether you write your goals on the side of your shoe or in your training diary, glancing at them on a daily basis will help keep you focused and motivated. Some people tape their goals to their bathroom mirror or refrigerators." Do whatever works to make you remember what you promised yourself.

2) Join a Plan That Wouldn't Have You for a Member
So you're not Steffi Graf. That doesn't mean you can't join a tennis team. Richard Cotton, chief exercise physiologist for MyExercisePlan.com, says "joining a club, team, or finding an exercise partner…provides a support system and someone to simply share the experience with. Often times just knowing someone will be asking you 'How's it going?' can be the difference between exercise success and failure."

3) Love Thy Neighbor and Love Thyself
You can't leave a neighbor standing on the corner checking her watch. She knows where you live. Miriam Nelson, Director of the Center for Physical Fitness at Tufts University, and the author of Strong Women Stay Young and Strong Women Stay Slim (Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1999) says, "When I make a date with a neighbor to go for a run I keep it, and we have a great time." She also plans a regular appointment with her neighbors. "Saturday mornings several of my neighbors come over and we lift weights together; it's a great way to start the weekend," she says.

4) Challenge Yourself
Working towards an event — like a 5K walk or run, or an overnight bike trip to a faraway bed and breakfast — keeps you on track. Every time you exercise you'll be closer to meeting your goal. "The minute you mail in your entry fee, you'll have a whole new sense of purpose. And the feeling of accomplishment you get from completing your event is like nothing else," say Schlosberg and Neporent.

5) Dance, Dance, Dance
"Music is a fantastic motivator," says Michael Olajide, Jr., a former professional boxer and inventor of Aerobox workout routines. "It can push you to do more and to exercise longer, even longer than you planned." Who doesn't get a surge of energy every time they hear their favorite tune? Plus, it's the perfect excuse to get that new CD.

6) Don't Count the Miles
"Do not workout to burn calories or lose weight," says Emme, plus-size model, author, and columnist. "There are more important things than burning calories taking place during your workout. Newfound self esteem and stress reduction are just two positive aspects of many that come to mind." If you're always focusing on burning off your morning doughnut, of course exercise seems like a chore. Try exercising for the sake of your health, not your body.

7) Find the Fun

Forget about the "no pain, no gain" attitude. "The mind, body and soul connection is very important here, don't forget to have fun," says Emme. Pick an activity you've always loved, like biking or walking outdoors. The more enjoyable it is, the more likely you'll stick with it.

8) Make It a Family Affair
"When I go for a run I entice one of my kids to go with me — he or she goes on their bike and I run. It's a great way to be together with my kids," says Miriam Nelson. Who better to egg you on than the ones who love you best.

9) Learn to Love Lycra
"Buying snazzy new workout shorts or comfy new cross-trainers can really get you fired up to work out, " say Schlosberg and Neporent. Once you realize how much better the right equipment makes a workout, you'll be loving your sports bra as much as soccer star Brandi Chastain.

10) Dive for Dollars
Money is the ultimate motivator. Put a dollar in a jar every time you make it to the gym. At the end of a month, treat yourself to a massage. You'll be at the gym more often than the trainers.

11) It's About Time
"My mood motivates me to work out, so timing is everything," says Kathy Kaehler, personal trainer and author. If you aren't up for a workout don't feel guilty about postponing. On the other hand, exercise has been known to improve a bad mood. Work out your aggressions in the gym instead of at home or work.


On Memorial Day, we honor the heroes who have laid down their lives in the cause of freedom, resolve that they will forever be remembered by a grateful Nation, and pray that our country may always prove worthy of the sacrifices they have made.
Throughout our Nation's history, our course has been secured by brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen. These courageous and selfless warriors have stepped forward to protect the Nation they love, fight for America's highest ideals, and show millions that a future of liberty is possible. Freedoms come at great costs, yet the world has been transformed in unimaginable ways because of the noble service and devotion to duty of these brave individuals. Our country honors the sacrifice made by those who have given their lives to spread the blessings of liberty and lay the foundations of peace, and we mourn their loss.
Today, our service men and women continue to inspire and strengthen our Nation, going above and beyond the call of duty as part of the greatest military the world has ever known. Americans are grateful to all those who have put on our Nation's uniform and to their families, and we will always remember their service and sacrifice for our freedoms.
On this solemn day our country unites to pay tribute to the fallen, who demonstrated the strength of their convictions and paid the cost of freedom. We pray for the members of our Armed Forces and their families, and we ask for God's continued guidance of our country.
In respect for their devotion to America, the Congress, by a joint resolution approved on May 11, 1950, as amended (64 Stat. 158), has requested the President to issue a proclamation calling on the people of the United States to observe each Memorial Day as a day of prayer for permanent peace and designating a period on that day when the people of the United States might unite in prayer. The Congress, by Public Law 106-579, has also designated the minute beginning at 3:00 p.m. local time on that day as a time for all Americans to observe the National Moment of Remembrance.


I vividly remember sitting in the back of my Dad's jeep as a young kid, maybe eight or nine years old. We were in some grocery store parking lot. I remember seeing this older man struggle to first get out of his car then shuffle his massive frame ever so slowly towards the grocery store. What struck me, was how this man had to stop and catch his breath after only just a few tiny steps.
Now years later I understand many circumstances could be responsible for that man's condition, however I also know America and Americans are fast dominating this lowly category. Number one in Obesity! Both adult and child obesity. We are a fat nation!
That scene so many years ago had an ever lasting effect on me, I promised myself I would never let my weight get so out of control that it would effect me in such a detrimental way. I control my health, my fitness. I control my blood pressure my cholesterol and my body fat. Not drugs or fad diets or circumstance. Not work, school or family obligations. I control it, so do you. Take responsibility for your own health and make the lifestyle changes needed to be healthier both on the inside and out. You and the people around you will be better off for it, this I promise you.



I have been training for some time now. I have come to realize my body responds to a very specific type of training, what I call " High intensity group training" ( H.I.G.T ). Fast multi body part combinations performed using super sets, with progressively heavier weights with each new set, and little to no rest between sets.
Yes to many it's completely unorthodox, a bit extreme, and some what unconventional. To me it is very conventional because it simply works. Training this way forces hardly used fast twitch muscle fibers to be forced to come into play and your cardiovascular system to work in that all important 80% MHR range.
What this means is lower body fat percentages, more lean muscle tissue, strength gains, and a very strong well conditioned Ticker. So remember, train with challenging amounts of resistance and train fast and hard.


Two days ago a man here at work died of a sudden heart attack, He was shockingly only 34 years old. My immediate thoughts were with his family and I silently wondered if he had told his family that day that he loved them. I learned a heart attack kills an American every 26 seconds and that heart disease is often a silent and without warning killer! Please, to all of you, let this be a reminder of how fragile we truly are, please take care of your heart and your health. When its all said and done its our one truly great possession.
Cardiovascular Disease Statistics
Estimates for the year 2005 are that 80,700,000 people in the United States have one or more forms of cardiovascular disease (CVD).
High blood pressure — 73,000,000.
Coronary heart disease — 16,000,000.
Myocardial infarction (mi"o-KAR'de-al in-FARK'shun) (acute heart attack) — 8,100,000. Angina pectoris (AN'jih-nah or an-JI'nah PEK'tor-is) (chest pain or discomfort caused by reduced blood supply to the heart muscle) — 9,100,000.
Stroke — 5,800,000.
Heart Failure — 5,300,000
Cardiovascular diseases
Claimed 869,724 lives in 2004 (final mortality) (36.3 percent of all deaths or 1 of every 2.8 deaths).
Other final 2004 mortality: total cancer 553,888; accidents 112,012; HIV (AIDS) 13,063.
Over 148,000 Americans killed by CVD in 2004 were under age 65.
2004 final death rates from CVD were 335.1 for white males and 454.0 for black males; for white females 238.0 and for black females 333.6. (Death rates are per 100,000 population. The rates listed use the year 2000 standard U.S. population as the base for age adjustment.)
From 1994 to 2004, death rates from CVD declined 24.7 percent.
In the same 10-year period the actual number of deaths declined 8 percent.
Coronary heart disease
Coronary heart disease is caused by atherosclerosis (ath"er-o-skleh-RO'sis), the narrowing of the coronary arteries due to fatty build ups of plaque. It's likely to produce angina pectoris (chest pain), heart attack, or both.
Coronary heart disease caused 451,326 deaths in 2004 and is the single leading cause of death in America today.
16,000,000 people alive today have a history of heart attack, angina pectoris or both. This is about 8,700,000 males and 7,300,000 females.
This year an estimated 1.2 million Americans will have a new or recurrent coronary attack.
About 310,000 people a year die of coronary attack in an Emergency Department or without being hospitalized. Most of these are sudden deaths caused by cardiac arrest, usually resulting from ventricular fibrillation (ven-TRIK'u-ler fib"rih-LA'shun).
From 1994 to 2004 the death rate from coronary heart disease declined 33 percent.
In 2004, coronary heart disease death rates per 100,000 people were 194.2 for white males and 223.9 for black males; and 114.7 for white females and 148.7 for black females. (Death rates are per 100,000 population. The rates use the year 2000 standard population for age adjustment.)



Rob Williams-


Being fit is a two sided coin. On one side, you have diet, and on the other side is exercise. Finding the time and energy to maintain a fit physique these days is a big challenge. The focus in fitness these days seems to be toward the lean body, instead of pure strength. So try to find the time, set some goals, plan accordingly using my H.I.G.T program, and go for it.



The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a stastical measure of weight ranges. BMI is calculated by dividing your weight by your height. You shouldn't use BMI as a diagnosis - it's intended to give you an idea of how heavy you are relative to other people of your height. Try our BMI calculator to see if your weight falls within a healthy range. A BMI of under 18.5 suggests that you may be underweight. This may be symptomatic of an underlying condition which may require medical attention. BMI is an approximate measure based on statistical trends - you could very well be perfectly healthy. Talk to your doctor for more advice.
A BMI between 18.5 and 25 suggests your weight is at a healthy level. This does not mean that you need not worry about cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and other health problems associated with weight. For a more accurate assesment, see your doctor.
BMI results between 25 to 30 are in the overweight range. You may be at greater risk of obesity-related conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. BMI is simply a statistical average, and should not be considered an authoritative assessment of your health. See your doctor if you have any concerns.
A BMI above 30 may mean that you are obese, and have an unhealthy proportion of body fat. BMI results are based on statistical trends, and in your case may not be accurate (particularly if you have high muscle or bone mass). See your doctor if you have any concerns.


Most of us take our muscles for granted, not realizing how crucial they are to us. Muscles are the body’s engine, and energy is the fuel. It would be impossible for us to do anything without them, including expressing ourselves. We convey ideas through spoken words using the muscles of the mouth, tongue and larynx, through written words using the muscles of the fingers, or through body language using skeletal muscles.
The human body contains more than 630 muscles. Approximately 35-45% of body mass is muscle tissue. Muscles are long- lasting, self-healing and grow stronger with use. There are three unique kinds of muscle:
• Cardiac muscle, which is found only in your heart. It contracts involuntarily; it is automatically controlled by the nervous system.
• Smooth muscle is found in blood vessels, the digestive system, bladder, airways, and the uterus in a female. It also contracts involuntarily.
• Skeletal muscle is the kind we can see and feel. They attach to the skeleton and come in pairs; one muscle to move in one direction and another to move back the other way. Skeletal muscles contract voluntarily, you have to think about contracting them and the nervous system tells them to respond.
The combination of muscles and bones make up the musculoskeletal system. Together, the skeletal muscles work with bones to give the body its power and strength.
In most cases, skeletal muscle is attached to one end of a bone, stretches across a joint, and then attaches again to another bone. Tendons serve as connector pieces between muscle and bone; when a muscle is contracted, the tendon and bone move along with it.
Skeletal muscles come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on their job. The muscles in your back, near the spine, are some of the biggest and most powerful. These muscles have the difficult job of keeping the body upright and providing the power to lift and push.


Here is a full body superset using exercises from my (H.I.G.T) program to get the most out of any limited schedule. Intensity is the key! Progressivly increasing your weight with each set and reducing your rest period between sets. Move quickly from one exercise to the next and have the equipment needed for the next exercise ready to make the trasition from one to the next smoothly with little to no wasted time. Remember intensity. Please warm up thoroughly.

1. Push up>Pull up>Dips....3 sets as many reps as you can perform with good form.
(swinging yourself up to complete a pull up does not count for a rep)
2. Bent over barbell row>Stiff legged dead lift>Dumbell lunges.

3. Barbell squat>Dumbell squat and press>Standing barbell curl.

You just worked every muscle in your body! Your abdominal muscles worked hard in every exercise you just performed to stabilize your spine and assist in most movements. Now get your protein and creatine in you, eat good foods throughout the day. You're on your way to building a beautiful body and creating functional strength.

SUMMER SIX PACK...No! Not the cold frosty kind.

Ab training doesn't have to be overcomplicated, in fact It can be and for me is very simple. I train my mid section once a week upon completing day four of my H.I.G.T program. ( Day four is the full body monster set day ).
My abs have just been worked hard during the training with exercises better than any crunch. Squats, dead lifts, pull- ups and other multi joint exercises. Your abs must contract hard to stabilize your core in order to correctly perform these exercises, so they have been worked over pretty good. Again better than any ab machine, I promise you!
I finish them off with six sets of a combined three very distinct weighted exercises from very unorthodox angles. Kneeling rope crunch, oblique and inter-costal super set, finishing with some sort of bridging exercise. Simple and effective. Look I am thirty seven and just an average guy with the same domestic responsibilities as you. Family, work & overtime, home and travel. You just need some basic planning, smart eating strategies and a goal. Good luck.



The late twenties seem to be a watershed period- a lot of us will experience a significant slow down in our metabolisms. Unfortunately our eating habits don't. So we put on weight as we age.
The answer, eat five to seven small meals per day. Do this with consistency and with good nutritious foods and you will have that metabolism firing on all eight cylinders once again.



" The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal.
The tragedy in life lies in having no goals to reach "

Benjamin E. Reach


This 15 minute super set is all it takes to stay fit and look good in just jeans and a t-shirt this summer, when you can't get to the gym. Strong shoulders, shapely arms, and toned legs. So get to it! Start with the Push up then move directly into deep squats, without rest continue on with another set of push-ups, then back up for another round of deep squats. First set done! Do this circuit four times with only 30seconds of rest between sets. You will be ready to go!



All wrapped up in boxing; sportsmanship and discipline are part of the package for inner-city kids.
Kids as young as 5 learn the basics of pugilism in a structured program that's free for those who live in some parts of Allentown, PA. Others can pay to participate at the Allentown Boxing Gym. You wouldn't guess it was Roberto Vega's first time in the Allentown boxing gym.
After having his small hands wrapped in long strips of cotton, the second-grader began dancing in front of a wall mirror and throwing jabs into the beefy hands of former boxer Nelson Perez.
Nearby, 11-year-old Jonathan Valentine concentrated as he pummeled a punching bag suspended from the ceiling, while his father, Jose Valentine, gave him tips on his stance.
The two boys are part of a boxing program for children that is one of Allentown's newest downtown revitalization efforts.
Officials are hoping the program, in which kids as young as 5 can lace on boxing gloves and learn the basics of the sport, will provide an outlet for the youthful energy of children from some of the least privileged areas of Allentown and keep them off the street and out of trouble.
Allentown Superintendent of Recreation Kevin Easterling says he felt it was a no-brainer when former amateur boxer and trainer Luis Melendez approached him about starting a boxing program targeting inner-city youth earlier this year.
''A lot of kids are interested in boxing,'' Easterling says. ''In this area, kids need activity and this was something new.''
Funded by a Community Development Block Grant through the city's Weed and Seed program, the program is free for children in the city's First and Sixth wards. Anyone else can participate but must pay a fee.
The new gym, which opened on the top floor of a dilapidated warehouse on American Parkway, features a ring, punching and speed bags, and other equipment donated by former boxer Jesse Harris, who runs a boxing gym in Stroudsburg, PA.
Jonathan Valentine has been coming daily since the program started in April. His father, a former boxer, is pleased the city is offering it. ''We watch fights together all the time,'' says Jose Valentine.
Melendez, who was an amateur Golden Gloves boxer in the 1970s, says he saw firsthand the benefits of the sport after he began boxing at the age of 8 in Puerto Rico, where he was born.
''I learned how to control myself and how to get along with other people,'' he says.
Melendez says boxing is about discipline and structure. The training program teaches kids coordination and balance and about getting enough sleep and proper diet and exercise, he adds.
''It's not just about fighting,'' says Melendez. ''The first thing I tell them is they're not going to beat anyone up.''
Through boxing, he says, kids learn to redirect their aggression in a positive way, keeping them away from negative influences such as drugs and gangs.
''It's two hours they are not doing anything bad,'' he says. ''It's exciting to work with these kids. They don't want to leave.''
The program also fosters relationships between the trainers and the kids, giving the kids positive role models, says Easterling.
''The beauty of the sport is they come to know each other and forge friendships,'' he says. ''It's not one race or color. Everyone works together.''
It also strengthens family interaction, says Randy Cope, the city Recreation Program Development Specialist.
''More parents are stopping by and encouraging the kids to meet their goals,'' he says. ''It's really working out well.''


The documentary on Mike Tyson, entitled ‘Tyson,’ premiered at the famed Cannes Film Festival last Friday and received prolonged standing ovations from critics and audiences alike. News out of Cannes report that after the film's red-carpet screening, Tyson and director James Toback approached the dais to address the audience, only to receive more cheers from the packed house. Tyson, who was visibly moved by all the adulation, stated “I’ve never experienced anything like this in my whole career. It’s kind of intimidating. I had no idea this thing was going to ever make it to such a grand scale. I feel totally overwhelmed.” The former champ also added: “I lived a wild and strange life. I've used drugs and had physical altercations with dangerous people. It's just a miracle I’m here. Jim (Toback), he just elicited all this stuff out of me, I don't know how he did it.”
A choked-up Toback, who has known Tyson for over 23 years and gave him small roles in two of his movies, said he believed he had succeeded in presenting Tyson as a “complex, iconic and noble human being.” The film, which blends in old video footage and TV interviews, is told entirely from Tyson’s point of view in graphic detail and has been described by many as “shocking” and “moving.” Festival chief Thierry Fremaux, introduced the picture as “a very special film that conveys the memory of a man and the memory of a sport.” ‘Tyson’ is scheduled for major release this Fall.


After my recent article titled "Friends in fitness, friends for life" where I talk about a group of friends all in their forties and all extremely fit, along with all recent attention for athletes like forty-something big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, forty something Olympic swimmer Dara Torres, and thirty seven year old professional world champion boxer Nate Campbell, as well as my own recent decision to re-enter professional boxing at the age of thirty seven (more than ten years removed since my last fight), I began to do some research. Research on the aging athlete and how aging and your average trainer are affected. So I found out a few really interesting things, all from the very reputable John's Hopkins University.
Without going into the many issues that surround the ageing athlete and your average ageing fitness fanatic I will just get to the study's results and not into it's details. The study found that although certain biological factors of ageing do play a role in diminished skill level, overall fitness and performance, the main factor contributing to these declines was simply "intensity;" the lack of it as we age. I love it. We get complacent and slow down. Proven by the athletes mentioned above, if we keep our training intense, all out, and keep challenging ourselves in the gym, we can prolong our fitness, continue to build lean muscle, get stronger, and yes- still compete competitively even on a professional level way past what science calls our "athletic prime." Its the mind-body connection. If you believe it, you can achieve it, kinda thing.
Programs like my H.I.G.T focus on intensity at all times and provide the tools to get better, stronger, faster, and perform on a higher level in sports and in life. H.I.G.T allows us to do this even as we age. I am thirty seven, I plan on heading into my forties fit and healthy and when I reach fifty, I want to get even better. Sixty....well just look out.
Richard Seymour


We are overloaded by different media outlets, books, magazines, and television ads about someone who has gone from thin to fat to thin again. Over and over this scenario plays out in today's overweight society. Perhaps sparking a ray of hope to some of the masses for a chance at six pack abs or to fit into their skinny jeans again. Either way putting many dollars into the pockets of many people.
Pick up any fitness magazine and you will most certainly come to the page of the success story. The overweight, out of shape man or woman who has now gotten back into shape. Boring and played out. Today I would like to recognize the many individuals who for years have quietly and without fan fare stayed fit, trained hard, and live a lifestyle that Madison Avenue can only portray in TV commercials or best selling books. The people who, regardless of careers, schooling, relationships, or personal set backs, have always maintained their weight and have a desire to protect our number one possession: our health.
You are the ones who truly deserve recognition for your commitment, dedication, and desire to be lean, muscular, and healthy. You are the ones who should be applauded for never allowing life's circumstances to dictate your health. I have devoted my adult life to maintaining a healthy body and mind by living a healthy lifestyle and the things I preach. So today I say, "Job well done," and will no longer keep you from the gym.

Richard Seymour

HIGH INTENSITY GROUP TRAINING..For a lean, muscular, fit body

The structure of your training program is vital to building lean muscle tissue, burning more calories, and losing body fat. High intensity group training allows for two very crucial components to be satisfied in your quest for a lean, muscular, fit body. Building muscle and burning fat! The concept of this is simple in explanation yet very difficult in execution.
My H.I.G.T program requires you to stick with some key elements that can not be changed. Two exercises of different muscle groups performed in a super-set fashion to complete one set. Little to almost zero rest between sets with max rest periods being no more than thirty seconds. You never lift lighter weights, you only strive to lift heavier loads each set.
High intensity group training means doing the prescribed exercises as fast and as heavy as you can. Training this way does a host of positive things to your body. One important reaction is the activation of fast twitch muscle fibers that are metabolically less efficient. They use more calories than type 1 fibers because more are recruited to lift heavier loads explosively.
Using minimal rest intervals between sets increases growth hormone and adrenaline levels into the stratosphere. Doing so in return increases the amount of calories burned during each set. Muscle is one of the most metabolically active tissues in the body. What all this means is simple, training this way forces you to build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you are burning all day. Importantly, muscle is denser than fat so your body looks lean and fit.


Funny thing people are. Human nature I mean, it's funny.I noticed how simple words written or spoken, or cute little catch phrases cause a distinct reaction. For example....six minute abs, jogging, low impact, south beach diet, light training and my favorite.... high reps. They all seem to spark interest almost as to say, "Yea, this is gonna be easy and I will look like that fitness model arched over that can of muscle miracle growth serum!!!"

On the other hand, high intensity, heavy weights, squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, sprinting and my very own program H.I.G.T all seem to scare the hell out of the average trainer. C'mon, the bottom line my friends is fitness and the above average body with a low body fat percentage and defined lean muscle tissue is serious work. It's not gonna be easy.

Please stop the emails declaring my training program and its principles as extreme. They just require you to forget what you are bombarded with by the media and that old gym teacher of yours and become openminded to a modern way of achieving that strong muscular sculpted image you have of yourself. Now lets train!

Remember these exercises are performed from one to the next. Two exercises = one set. Then 30 seconds of rest maximum. Begin next set ( exercises described below )

Seated military press into tricep cable push-downs (4 sets with progressively heavier weight. max 30 sec rest )

One arm seated dumbell presses into close grip tricep presses (4 sets with progressively heavier weight. max 30 sec rest )

Dumbell one arm front raises into dips (4 sets with progressively heavier weight. max 30 sec rest )

Side dumbell raises into dumbell kickbacks (4 sets with progressively heavier weight. max 30 sec rest )

Barbell shrugs into close grip push-ups (4 sets with progressively heavier weight. max 30 sec rest ) Followed by 15 min of intense rope work (skipping rope) 80% MHR

congrats...not so bad right? Day 3 of H.I.G.T, day 4 complete body circuit.



FACT: Creatine and whey protein combined boosts lean muscle mass. Both are popular gym supplements and both have been studied and scrutinized more than any other health supplement. Over 300 human trials with positive results and no side effects in any of the individuals studied. Creatine works by increasing muscle creatine phosphate levels and stimulating protein synthesis, the building of larger stronger muscles.
Whey protein taken both before and after training increasing amino acid availability (building blocks of protein). Combine the two supplements, use smart eating habits and my H.I.G.T program and it's principles along with plenty of good sleep. Now you have taken the propper steps to be assured your body has the key elements for repair and recoup. Now you're ready for tomorrow's workout.

Richard Seymour


Here is a mom who may be able to help. Meet Michelle Berger.
In 4 short years Michelle became the mother of 4 children. Michelle spent every moment of her days selflessly caring for her family and finding time for herself was impossible. She was a physical and mental mess: out of shape, over weight, overwhelmed, overstressed, tired, and on the verge of depression. She was too busy to eat right and the thought of exercise was frustrating and seemingly pointless. It was then that she hit rock bottom. One day Michelle stood toe to toe looking at her battle scarred body in the mirror: her round face, blood shot eyes, dull lifeless hair, flabby arms, fat stretched out stomach, flat butt, and shapeless legs were just a shell of the "looker" she was just 6 years earlier. Who was this person in the mirror? Was she a mere slave to the needs of her family? How was she going to get the true Michelle back? It was then that she decided to prove to herself and everyone else that she could regain control of her body and life.

With the frustration of her recent fitness failures fresh in her mind, Michelle threw out the popular fitness routines and diets. She designed a unique program that addressed her body's loss of shape, her malnutrition, her hormones, and the time constrains now affecting her as a mother. Michelle also learned to treat her workout as her "sanctuary time"; she found an escape from the chaos of her life and time to focus on just herself. After several months of intense workouts and fierce determination, her plan worked. She became happier, healthier, more confident, and excited about having the best figure of her life. She was now living proof that it is possible to have a beautiful figure after having children!

Invigorated by her new found life, Michelle's mission became to share hope with every mother that they too can regain their figures, enjoy their lives, and leave a legacy of fitness to their children. Using herself as inspiration along with the methods of her unique fitness program, she founded her company BuffMother! She now impacts mothers from all 50 states, Canada, and 16 countries around the world! Michelle's mission is to help every mother by being a role model, teacher, motivator, advocate, and friend.



I love a cold beer, however not as much as I enjoy a hard mid section. So I go with the light stuff.

Corona Light
Calories: 105
Total carbs: 5 g
Alcohol content: n/a
Amazingly, it tastes as flavorful as Corona Extra. This beer's strong flavor is completely satisfying, so you'll want to savor the smooth taste by sipping, not chugging, through the night.

Yuengling Light Lager
Calories: 99
Total carbs: 8.5 g
Alcohol content: 3.6%
With its caramel color (a sign of antioxidants), this was an easy favorite among our tasters. Drink it at the bar, or order it with a thick steak or juicy burger.

Sam Adams Light
Calories: 119
Total carbs: 9.6g
Alcohol content: 4%
Great amber coloring and a rich taste that reminded some on our staff of fresh fruit-especially berries. Plus, unlike the original, Sam Light has no mouth-souring aftertaste.

Coors Light
Calories: 102
Total carbs: 5g
Alcohol content: 4.2%
Coors Light has the slightly nutty, yeasty flavor of fresh-baked bread. It's light and refreshing-like ginger ale with a bigger bite-so it's hard to drink your fill of this bar standby.

Amstel Light
Calories: 95
Total carbs: 5g
Alcohol content: 3.5%
Light beer for the guy who considers himself a connoisseur, or for beer snobs looking for a "real man's beer." A complete winner-full of zest and whole-grain taste, with no weird aftertaste.

Bud Light
Calories: 110
Total carbs: 6.6g
Alcohol content: 4.2%
Bud Light is the ideal sipping beer, meaning it tastes as good in the ninth inning as it does in the first. This stadium beer washes down dogs and chips with minimal aftertaste.


The push up is the forgotten stepchild of chest exercises. Listen, start working them into your training, they build strength, stamina, shape your shoulders and triceps, and do a hell of a job giving your chest a monster pump. For a real chest workout, super-set push ups directly after your traditional chest exercises. Whatever you do don't go light with the weight. Bang out a heavy set of dumbbell presses and then drop right to the floor for 25 finger tip push-ups. Trust me. Mix them up, have fun with them, but DO them- they work!


After a hard and particularly intense weight training session, using my H.I.G.T program found on these pages, it is now time to burn some serious fat! Intense weight training not only burns fat and builds muscle, lean hard muscle, it amps up the metabolism. After about 20 minutes of training you have burned your stored calories and the body turns to fat for energy.
Once I finish the weights I go right to the jump rope and crank out 15 hard intense minutes. I believe this cranks up the fat burning process and at the same time etches out the details in my physique. I love ending the training day outside in the heat putting on the finishing touches. Remember, as we get older we have to train heavy, intense, and often to continue to progress. Don't be misled by those that want you to think as we age we have to slow down and cut back. They tell you that to make themselves feel better about their own inconsistency.



Five rules to follow for life long health and fitness.

1.Your diet..come on, eat good foods and get your protein!

2.Supplementing...use these valuable tools to reach your fitness goals

3.Anaerobic training... lift weight and lift heavy, build lean tissue

4.Intensity...Don't let your age be an excuse, train hard, heavy, and fast. Your heart will thank you with years of loyalty.

5.Rest...You've got to get good sleep. You build muscle and repair your body only during sleep.

That's it, you are on your way. As for training, I have to recommend my H.I.G.T program. See past posts below.



Even though many uneducated media journalists claim the contrary, creatine monohydrate is the safest and most effective dietary supplement for building muscle, enhancing strength, lean mass, explosive power, and muscle endurance.
Despite 300 human trials, some still claim creatine causes cramps, dehydration, and altered kidney function. All untrue and proven so during these long term studies. So know it's safe, cheap, and very effective. I use 5 grams a day 30 min before training.

Want to own part of boxing history? Just pony up $2.4 million for Frazier's gym

Former heavyweight boxing champ Joe Frazier's landmark gym is up for sale.
The price tag: $2.4 million.
The real estate listing says it's "a chance to own a piece of history."
The gym in North Philadelphia is a former ballroom that is more than a century old. It has trained aspiring boxers for more than 40 years but was shuttered several weeks ago. Frazier spokesman Les Wolff said at the time it was being closed for renovations. Selling the building is only one option. He says Frazier would consider a joint venture with a developer to refurbish the gym.


Research studies show fish oil benefits are down right amazing.
And knowing this is the second most important thing you can do for your health. (We'll get to #1 in importance soon.)
Studies are published almost daily as the scientific community discovers more and more of the many extraordinary omega 3 fish oil benefits.
If you haven't already been swept up in the net yet, here are 7 proven omega 3 benefits you should know about.

1. Less Pain and Inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids, particularly EPA, have a very positive effect on your inflammatory response. Through several mechanisms, they regulate your body's inflammation cycle, which prevents and relieves painful conditions like arthritis, prostatitis, cystitis, and anything else ending in "itis."

2. Cardiovascular Health. Omega 3 fatty acids have also been proven to work wonders for your heart and the miles and miles of arteries and veins that make up your cardiovascular system. They help to lower cholesterol, tryglicerides, LDLs, and blood pressure, while at the same time increasing good HDL cholesterol. This adds years to your life expectancy.

3. Protection from Stroke and Heart Attack. When plaque builds up on arterial walls and then breaks loose, it causes what's known as a thrombosis, which is a fancy way of saying clot. If a clot gets stuck in the brain, it causes a stroke and when it plugs an artery, it causes a heart attack. Research shows omega 3 fatty acids break up clots before they can cause any damage.

4. Better Brain Function and Higher Intelligence. Pregnant and nursing mothers can have a great impact on the intelligence and happiness of their babies by supplementing with fish oil. For adults, omega 3 improves memory, recall, reasoning, and focus. You'll swear you're getting younger and smarter.

5. Less Depression and Psychosis. Making you smarter is not all omega 3 does for your brain. Psychiatry department researchers at the University of Sheffield, along with many other research studies, found that omega 3 fish oil supplements "alleviate" the symptoms of depression, bipolar, and psychosis (Journal of Affective Disorder Vol. 48(2-3);149-55).

6. Lower Incidence of Childhood Disorders. Just to show how fish oil fatty acids leave nobody out, studies show that children (and adults) with ADD and ADHD experience a greatly improved quality of life. And those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and compulsive disorders have gotten a new lease on life thanks to omega 3 oils.

7. Reduction of Breast, Colon, and Prostate Cancer. And finally, omega 3 fish oil has been shown to help prevent three of the most common forms of cancer – breast, colon, and prostate. Science tells us that omega 3s accomplish this in three ways. They stop the alteration from a normal healthy cell to a cancerous mass, inhibiting unwanted cellular growth and causing apoptosis, or cellular death, of cancer cells.

So you can see why knowing these benefits is the second most important thing you can do for your health. Can you guess what number one is?
That's right! Now it's time to put your knowledge to work. Eat more cold water oily fish and start taking good quality pure omega 3 fish oil supplements regularly and, just as important, keep training and using my H.I.G.T program and principles.
Richard Seymour


Two and a half days, three plane flights, and a bus ride later and I am back at work. For those new to the site, I work six months of the year in western Africa. One month on one off type of schedule. Shortly after arriving at the airport at 4am I always seem to ask myself at this very point of the journey, "Why am I doing this?" After twenty eight days straight with my family and being home, it is always hard when it comes time to head back to work. "Hard" is the reason I do it! If it were easy everyone would be here doing it. See, I truly believe if you choose an easy way of doing things then what is the point? What do you learn? How do you achieve your goals and aspirations?
Nothing worth while in this life, including achieving a high level of fitness and a body strong, muscular, and defined, is going to be easy. Reaching peak fitness and staying at this level for years and years takes a lot of sacrifice and effort and at times it's just plain downright hard. That is what makes it so special. The mind is a very powerful and under-used tool when it comes to living a fit and healthy lifestyle. You have to truly believe you can and will be better today than you were yesterday. I will never be satisfied being unchallenged, hard work and sacrifices make even the simplest things more enjoyable. You have to see it, believe it, then take the steps to make it happen. No it isn't easy, it takes a lot to stay positive and be focused with so many things distracting us today. Think about your goals and how it will feel when you reach them. Think how good that will feel. See it in your mind then go for it.
I hope today you are challenged and find inspiration in that.

FIREFIGHTING & H.I.G.T...elite fitness

To do their job each and every day, firefighters must be strong, fit, and agile enough to force open steel doors, rapidly climb stairs wearing 100 pounds of protective clothing and equipment, and rescue injured people trapped in confined spaces. Is it any wonder why they are considered heroes? This is why many use my High Intensity group Training (H.I.G.T) as their approach to total body conditioning, H.I.G.T presents comprehensive training methods that have proven successful in transforming out-of-shape individuals into top-flight fit firefighters. Regardless of their current fitness levels, these training principles will enable you to begin today and immediately progress in absolute strength, speed, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, and joint flexibility as well as dramatically change your body composition. My program includes learning to make educated food choices and how to use food for fuel designed to prepare the body for high-intensity training. No other occupation places a greater physiological demand on the human body than firefighting and no other conditioning program challenges fire fighters and police officers to find the courage and strength to excel more than H.I.G.T.. Learn this outstanding training system from former professional fighter Richard Seymour


sounds so simple. H20. Two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen. But this element, better known as water, is the most essential, next to air, to our survival. Water truly is everywhere, still most take it for granted.
Water makes up more than two thirds of the weight of the human body, and without it, humans would die in a few days. The human brain is made up of 95% water, blood is 82% and lungs 90%. A mere 2% drop in our body's water supply can trigger signs of dehydration: fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on smaller print, such as a computer screen. (Are you having trouble reading this? Drink up!) Mild dehydration is also one of the most common causes of daytime fatigue. An estimated seventy-five percent of Americans have mild, chronic dehydration. Pretty scary statistic for a developed country, where water is readily available through the tap or bottle.
Water is important to the mechanics of the human body. The body cannot work without it, just as a car cannot run without gas and oil. In fact, all the cell and organ functions made up in our entire anatomy and physiology depend on water for their functioning.
Water serves as a lubricant
Water forms the base for saliva
Water forms the fluids that surround the joints.
Water regulates the body temperature, as the cooling and heating is distributed through perspiration.
Water helps to alleviate constipation by moving food through the intestinal tract and thereby eliminating waste- the best detox agent.
Regulates metabolism
In addition to the daily maintainence of our bodies, water also plays a key role in the prevention of disease. Drinking eight glasses of water daily can decrease the risk of colon cancer by 45%, bladder cancer by 50% and it can potentially even reduce the risk of breast cancer. And those are just a few examples! As you follow other links on our website, you can read more in depth about how water can aid in the prevention and cure of many types of diseases, ailments and disorders that affect the many systems of our bodies.
And you know what the best news about drinking water for health benefits is? It's virtually free! You can drink over 4,000 glasses of tap water for the price of a six-pack of your favorite cola.


At a recent gathering with the men pictured here I couldn't help but think back to how we all met: fitness and the gym played a critical role. In 2003 at a Gold's Gym in Allentown, PA I met Wayne Bullock (pictured second from left). We became friends, went into business together, and were actually pretty successful. Wayne is clearly in impeccable physical condition as you can see in his single shot. Now in his forties he should be an inspiration to all men heading into mid-life. He has no secret, just good work ethic, consistent training, and well every now and again he enjoys a Grey Goose and cranberry. "Free-bird" is a golfer, plain and simple! On a good day you better believe you will find him on the greens. Wayne and I have traveled to two different countries together and he has tried it all from jet skis to snorkeling to four wheeling- and lets not forget tubing. He likes adventure.
Pictured first on the left is Terry Collier. I was introduced to Terry by Wayne at a New Year's event. Terry, also in his forties, is a father of five and soon to be grandad. Terry is also an active guy: a big golfer, skier, fisher, as well as weight-lifter and one hell of a good cook. The big man of the group is Scott Urland (pictured second from left), to whom I was also introduced by Wayne. Scott has been lifting weights since his teen years and believe it or not is also in his forties. Scott is a husband and a father of three. He coaches his youngest in soccer and basketball. Scott is also very active outside the gym. He runs,bikes, fishes, skis, water skis, and has been known to rip around on a dirt bike. The man is a master on the grill, a third degree black belt chef I believe! Pictured forth from left is me, Richard Seymour. Last but certainly not least is Allen Watts, a southern gentleman with a huge knowledge base of useless crap and a lot of good stuff as well. I met Allen back in 1998 and again it was fitness that started our friendship and some chess as well. Allen took to the weights hard for awhile but over the years I think it was not as important to him as being a good single father and provider. Allen is one of those guys that could sell chocolate ice cream to a lady in white gloves in August. A good man, a great friend. He can wear the hell out of some "biters" as well. Maybe he will put fitness back in the priority list, also in his forties I want him to be around for a long time...we all do.
So back to that night out recently. I had to smile to myself as we drank and talked that night in the crowded bar as we have done so many times before. The gym, the weights, the desire to be better today than we were yesterday is ultimately what brought us and our families together. Although I am still in my thirties I have good role models in these men pictured here. So go join a gym, new lifelong friendships along with a healthier you can be found.
Richard Seymour


The Fitness Challenge is a Weight Loss Contest for the Public Safety Population to LOSE FAT and GAIN MUSCLE as a TEAM. This approach promotes TEAMWORK and Camaraderie. Four Winning Teams with the Greatest Improvement will WIN $5,000.00 from each Region. The Regions include Southeast, Central, Western, and Northeast.
Eligibility requires team members to be Active or Retired Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, EMS, Military, Corrections, NURSES, Physicians and the SPOUSES for any of these occupations that fall under the 911 responder category.
Team Captains will be responsible for registering their Teams. Applications are available on-line at www.FitnessCommitmentInstitute.org or www.911Fitness.com and select Fitness Challenge, then Registration Application. If you don’t have access to the Internet, you may call Fitness Commitment Institute (305-297-5328) to receive an application via your FAX.


What makes this so interesting to me is this is the man who is responsible for my decision to start boxing professionally and he has been retired for some time now, however Former three-time world champion Jeff Fenech is in solid training in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, for his June 24 bout with 50-year-old great Azumah Nelson. Fenech, at 43 years of age, has been in sensational sparring sessions with former IBF 130 pound champion Gairy St Claire. John Lewis who is the trainer of Fenech said, "What Fenech is doing in the ring is freakish. He has looked good against Gairy St Claire who is one of the best jr lightweight boxers in the world. He has connected with more punches on Gairy than his most recent opponents have. Today they boxed a solid six rounds. I am told that Azumah is in great shape also - he is a great warrior and will not roll over for Fenech so we are in for a outstanding fight on June 24." Fenech was awarded a controversial draw after twelve rounds against Nelson in WBC jr lightweight bout in Las Vegas in 1991. Most of the fans at ringside were of the opinion Fenech had won clearly. In a rematch staged in Melbourne, Australia in 1992, Nelson scored a eight round knockout over Fenech with a record attendance of 37,000 fight fans.


This month I want to thank Bill Conrad the fitness director at Gold's Gym in Whitehall PA, Luis Melendez head boxing trainer at Allentown's boxing club in PA, and the entire staff at Jimmy's Gym in my home town of Lehighton PA. Three gyms I use on a regular basis. Jimmy's Gym has undergone a transformation by the new owner and is providing outstanding services to it's members.Call 610-377-2491 for more info.


No matter what has gone on in my life I have made it a point to stay consistent in training and my overall fitness. Believing each and everyday I can improve and get better. Truth is I believe this about every aspect of my life and I don't talk the talk I just put in the work. My career, my marriage, my faith, my friendships.
Unfortunately, as I stated in part one, many people have no idea how to reach their goals. I think for some, lack of vision or desire. How do I know this? Because I am around it so much. Today at thirty seven I am still being asked, "Why do you put so much into fitness and eating smart?" That to me is an unbelievable question. To which my standard reply, "How could you not?" Your health and your fitness- many adults, with all the other things going on in our lives, put those two low on the priority list. All along missing, never quit understanding, that your health and your fitness will have a direct impact on all other facets of your life. How Rich? How is that true? Commitment and consistency! Apply it any place in your lives and the results are the same. Not to mention the mountain of scientific data out there showing the endless benefits of weight training and cardiovascular training on your long term health. For me its less about self image and more about the life long commitment, the challenge, because fitness has two points: start and continue. What motivates you?
Richard Seymour

De La Hoya outclasses Forbes!

Oscar De La Hoya (38-5, 30 KOs) and Steve Forbes (33-5, 9 KOs) showed why they were world champions on Saturday night as "The Golden Boy" won a lopsided twelve round unanimous decision at the Home Depot Center Soccer Stadium in Carson, California. Both fighters boxed at an extremely high technical level, but Oscar was simply too fast, too strong, too skilled, just too "everything" in virtually every round as he compiled a 119-109, 119-109, 120-108 over the game, but outgunned former "Contender" star. Next up for De La Hoya is likely a September rematch with Floyd Mayweather, although that bout is not yet finalized.


2008 Schedule (PRE- SEASON)
Date Time Network Opponent Result
Thursday, 8/7 7:00 PM ET WNBC @ Detroit
Monday, 8/18 8:00 PM ET ESPN Cleveland
Saturday, 8/23 7:00 PM ET WCBS @ Jets
Thursday, 8/28 7:00 PM ET WNBC New England

2008 Schedule (REGULAR SEASON)
Date Time Network Opponent Result
Thursday, 9/4 7:00 PM ET NBC Washington
Sunday, 9/14 1:00 PM ET FOX @ St. Louis
Sunday, 9/21 1:00 PM ET CBS Cincinnati
Sunday, 9/28 BYE BYE BYE BYE
Sunday, 10/5 1:00 PM ET FOX Seattle
Monday, 10/13 8:30 PM ET ESPN @ Cleveland
Sunday, 10/19 1:00 PM ET FOX San Francisco
Sunday, 10/26 4:15 PM ET FOX @ Pittsburgh
Sunday, 11/2 4:15 PM ET FOX Dallas
Sunday, 11/9 8:15 PM ET NBC @ Philadelphia
Sunday, 11/16 1:00 PM ET* CBS Baltimore
Sunday, 11/23 4:15 PM ET* FOX @ Arizona
Sunday, 11/30 1:00 PM ET* FOX @ Washington
Sunday, 12/7 1:00 PM ET* FOX Philadelphia
Sunday, 12/14 8:15 PM ET* NBC @ Dallas
Sunday, 12/21 1:00 PM ET* FOX Carolina
Sunday, 12/28 1:00 PM ET* FOX @Minnesota


The Gym

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 7am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday: Closed

$50/month or 5/day
$25/month for licensed pros and amateurs
Private 1 on 1 lessons with available trainers:
Private lessons availalbe with professional trainers.
Price quotes available upon request.
Please contact us for a price quote at info@wildcardbc.com

Contact Information

To contact us please call us at the number listed to the right or fill out the Online Contact Form.

Wild Card Boxing

Tel:1 (323) 461-4170

Email: info@wildcardbc.com
Wild Card Boxing Club
1123 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA 90038


From years of experience I can tell you, boxing training is one of the most grueling forms of working out, period! Aerobic as well as anaerobic. Hand-eye coordination as well as your reflexes will be tested. Speed and agility is gained to perform well.

Just look at any boxer's physique. Ninety percent could easily grace the cover of any national fitness publication. Strong shoulders and defined arms. Abdominals that can't be hidden under a t-shirt and legs like steel. From years of experience, trial and error, and many sacrifices I can tell you the same of training with weights. Bottom line with weights: you can mold your body into a walking piece of art. Combine the two forms of training and you have simply the most balanced routine possible.

In 1992 I began a program for a health club in Selinsgrove, PA, called Boxing for Fitness. To my surprise it was a hit. Men checked their egos at the door and woman came in droves to be challenged by training like a professional fighter. The results were amazing, people were hooked. I want to help you become" better today" than you were yesterday. Try combining exercises from my H.I.G.T program with basic boxing exercises, such as shadow boxing, skipping rope, and hitting the heavy bag. Training can be a sport! It is and should be fun!

Boxing for fitness combined with H.IG.T training for life-long health and a lean and muscular you.

Richard Seymour


Understanding why stabilization exercises (squats, dead lifts, pull ups ) are so important means understanding a little bit about the abdominal muscles. Think about the abdominal structure as a girdle or wall that supports your internal organs and back. There are four main muscles: the rectus abdominis, the external obliques, the internal obliques and the transversus abdominis. When you perform crunches, you are primarily strengthening the rectus abdominis. This muscle is most notably a mover--flexor of the spine in a supine or face-up position--and is not designed for extensive stabilization. The external obliques, internal obliques, and transversus abdominis are three supporting layers of flat muscles that play a substantial role in torso stabilization. However, these muscles are typically neglected in abdominal training!! Research has proven that strengthening the deepest transversus abdominis muscle, along with the obliques and even the pelvic wall--should be our primary focus for developing core stability and ultimately a more developed mid section. Squats achieve this by forcing torso stabilization and a greater contraction in the abdominals than a floor crunch. As do dead lifts and other multi joint exercises. However you can't glamorize these exercises to the masses when trying to sell ab equipment or magazines.
If crunches help achieve a ripped-looking set of abs, why bother with the functional stabilization exercises at all? Posture improvement is one reason and injury prevention as we age is another. The abdominals' ability to stabilize the pelvis and back is crucial for minimizing injury. Many back injuries occur because we lift or move heavy objects without adequate stabilizing strength. With core stability, you are working from a strong base. Consequently, you have improved function, decreased risk of injury, strong defined ab's and potentially more effective rectus training. So the Squat does directly work your abdominals and like yourself many don't even know it. Don't take my word for it simply try this....assuming you train regularly do a set of squats....now do your normal set of crunches or whatever you do for ab's.You will quickly see you cant do your normal reps, you exhausted not pre exhausted your ab's. So not a big deal...until the next morning. Hey bottom line, It's hard work but that is why we do it.
Richard Seymour