I love a cold beer, however not as much as I enjoy a hard mid section. So I go with the light stuff.

Corona Light
Calories: 105
Total carbs: 5 g
Alcohol content: n/a
Amazingly, it tastes as flavorful as Corona Extra. This beer's strong flavor is completely satisfying, so you'll want to savor the smooth taste by sipping, not chugging, through the night.

Yuengling Light Lager
Calories: 99
Total carbs: 8.5 g
Alcohol content: 3.6%
With its caramel color (a sign of antioxidants), this was an easy favorite among our tasters. Drink it at the bar, or order it with a thick steak or juicy burger.

Sam Adams Light
Calories: 119
Total carbs: 9.6g
Alcohol content: 4%
Great amber coloring and a rich taste that reminded some on our staff of fresh fruit-especially berries. Plus, unlike the original, Sam Light has no mouth-souring aftertaste.

Coors Light
Calories: 102
Total carbs: 5g
Alcohol content: 4.2%
Coors Light has the slightly nutty, yeasty flavor of fresh-baked bread. It's light and refreshing-like ginger ale with a bigger bite-so it's hard to drink your fill of this bar standby.

Amstel Light
Calories: 95
Total carbs: 5g
Alcohol content: 3.5%
Light beer for the guy who considers himself a connoisseur, or for beer snobs looking for a "real man's beer." A complete winner-full of zest and whole-grain taste, with no weird aftertaste.

Bud Light
Calories: 110
Total carbs: 6.6g
Alcohol content: 4.2%
Bud Light is the ideal sipping beer, meaning it tastes as good in the ninth inning as it does in the first. This stadium beer washes down dogs and chips with minimal aftertaste.