Three mistakes I see woman make when it comes to training, over and over again. Are you making them?

1) Too much cardio and negligent weight training: Most women refrain from doing any weight lifting in the mistaken notion that they might end up with muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nothing could be further than the truth. Fitness bodybuilding enhances good health and increases physical strength Women cannot and do not produce testosterone naturally in the body and so are incapable of building the massive muscles usually seen on male bodybuilders. The muscles one sees on women bodybuilders are almost always acquired by external testosterone boosters. An exercise routine that combines female fitness and bodybuilding helps women develop fit, healthy bodies with well-formed and toned muscles.

2)A calorie intake that is way too low: The first thing most women resort to, in an attempt to lose weight is to go on a crash diet. This however has the opposite of the desired effect. The body goes into starvation mode and starts burning up muscle for fuel and retains the body fat. The fallout of having a metabolism rate that is too low is that every morsel that you consume then gets converted into fat. Also you are more likely to be hungry all the time and prone to temptation when offered a calorie-filled treat.

3)Staying focused on the pounds: A female fitness and training regimen helps reduce body fat and increase muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. Hence the results may not show up on the weighing scale even though body fat has been lost. The best way to check progress is to focus on inches that are lost or gained in the right places. So stay off the scale girls, the mirror does not lie and will be more accurate.

So don't fall into these traps ladies. Train smart use my H.I.G.T program and practice it's principles.