Here is a full body superset using exercises from my (H.I.G.T) program to get the most out of any limited schedule. Intensity is the key! Progressivly increasing your weight with each set and reducing your rest period between sets. Move quickly from one exercise to the next and have the equipment needed for the next exercise ready to make the trasition from one to the next smoothly with little to no wasted time. Remember intensity. Please warm up thoroughly.

1. Push up>Pull up>Dips....3 sets as many reps as you can perform with good form.
(swinging yourself up to complete a pull up does not count for a rep)
2. Bent over barbell row>Stiff legged dead lift>Dumbell lunges.

3. Barbell squat>Dumbell squat and press>Standing barbell curl.

You just worked every muscle in your body! Your abdominal muscles worked hard in every exercise you just performed to stabilize your spine and assist in most movements. Now get your protein and creatine in you, eat good foods throughout the day. You're on your way to building a beautiful body and creating functional strength.