We are overloaded by different media outlets, books, magazines, and television ads about someone who has gone from thin to fat to thin again. Over and over this scenario plays out in today's overweight society. Perhaps sparking a ray of hope to some of the masses for a chance at six pack abs or to fit into their skinny jeans again. Either way putting many dollars into the pockets of many people.
Pick up any fitness magazine and you will most certainly come to the page of the success story. The overweight, out of shape man or woman who has now gotten back into shape. Boring and played out. Today I would like to recognize the many individuals who for years have quietly and without fan fare stayed fit, trained hard, and live a lifestyle that Madison Avenue can only portray in TV commercials or best selling books. The people who, regardless of careers, schooling, relationships, or personal set backs, have always maintained their weight and have a desire to protect our number one possession: our health.
You are the ones who truly deserve recognition for your commitment, dedication, and desire to be lean, muscular, and healthy. You are the ones who should be applauded for never allowing life's circumstances to dictate your health. I have devoted my adult life to maintaining a healthy body and mind by living a healthy lifestyle and the things I preach. So today I say, "Job well done," and will no longer keep you from the gym.

Richard Seymour