From years of experience I can tell you, boxing training is one of the most grueling forms of working out, period! Aerobic as well as anaerobic. Hand-eye coordination as well as your reflexes will be tested. Speed and agility is gained to perform well.

Just look at any boxer's physique. Ninety percent could easily grace the cover of any national fitness publication. Strong shoulders and defined arms. Abdominals that can't be hidden under a t-shirt and legs like steel. From years of experience, trial and error, and many sacrifices I can tell you the same of training with weights. Bottom line with weights: you can mold your body into a walking piece of art. Combine the two forms of training and you have simply the most balanced routine possible.

In 1992 I began a program for a health club in Selinsgrove, PA, called Boxing for Fitness. To my surprise it was a hit. Men checked their egos at the door and woman came in droves to be challenged by training like a professional fighter. The results were amazing, people were hooked. I want to help you become" better today" than you were yesterday. Try combining exercises from my H.I.G.T program with basic boxing exercises, such as shadow boxing, skipping rope, and hitting the heavy bag. Training can be a sport! It is and should be fun!

Boxing for fitness combined with H.IG.T training for life-long health and a lean and muscular you.

Richard Seymour