Here is a mom who may be able to help. Meet Michelle Berger.
In 4 short years Michelle became the mother of 4 children. Michelle spent every moment of her days selflessly caring for her family and finding time for herself was impossible. She was a physical and mental mess: out of shape, over weight, overwhelmed, overstressed, tired, and on the verge of depression. She was too busy to eat right and the thought of exercise was frustrating and seemingly pointless. It was then that she hit rock bottom. One day Michelle stood toe to toe looking at her battle scarred body in the mirror: her round face, blood shot eyes, dull lifeless hair, flabby arms, fat stretched out stomach, flat butt, and shapeless legs were just a shell of the "looker" she was just 6 years earlier. Who was this person in the mirror? Was she a mere slave to the needs of her family? How was she going to get the true Michelle back? It was then that she decided to prove to herself and everyone else that she could regain control of her body and life.

With the frustration of her recent fitness failures fresh in her mind, Michelle threw out the popular fitness routines and diets. She designed a unique program that addressed her body's loss of shape, her malnutrition, her hormones, and the time constrains now affecting her as a mother. Michelle also learned to treat her workout as her "sanctuary time"; she found an escape from the chaos of her life and time to focus on just herself. After several months of intense workouts and fierce determination, her plan worked. She became happier, healthier, more confident, and excited about having the best figure of her life. She was now living proof that it is possible to have a beautiful figure after having children!

Invigorated by her new found life, Michelle's mission became to share hope with every mother that they too can regain their figures, enjoy their lives, and leave a legacy of fitness to their children. Using herself as inspiration along with the methods of her unique fitness program, she founded her company BuffMother! She now impacts mothers from all 50 states, Canada, and 16 countries around the world! Michelle's mission is to help every mother by being a role model, teacher, motivator, advocate, and friend.