No matter what has gone on in my life I have made it a point to stay consistent in training and my overall fitness. Believing each and everyday I can improve and get better. Truth is I believe this about every aspect of my life and I don't talk the talk I just put in the work. My career, my marriage, my faith, my friendships.
Unfortunately, as I stated in part one, many people have no idea how to reach their goals. I think for some, lack of vision or desire. How do I know this? Because I am around it so much. Today at thirty seven I am still being asked, "Why do you put so much into fitness and eating smart?" That to me is an unbelievable question. To which my standard reply, "How could you not?" Your health and your fitness- many adults, with all the other things going on in our lives, put those two low on the priority list. All along missing, never quit understanding, that your health and your fitness will have a direct impact on all other facets of your life. How Rich? How is that true? Commitment and consistency! Apply it any place in your lives and the results are the same. Not to mention the mountain of scientific data out there showing the endless benefits of weight training and cardiovascular training on your long term health. For me its less about self image and more about the life long commitment, the challenge, because fitness has two points: start and continue. What motivates you?
Richard Seymour