At a recent gathering with the men pictured here I couldn't help but think back to how we all met: fitness and the gym played a critical role. In 2003 at a Gold's Gym in Allentown, PA I met Wayne Bullock (pictured second from left). We became friends, went into business together, and were actually pretty successful. Wayne is clearly in impeccable physical condition as you can see in his single shot. Now in his forties he should be an inspiration to all men heading into mid-life. He has no secret, just good work ethic, consistent training, and well every now and again he enjoys a Grey Goose and cranberry. "Free-bird" is a golfer, plain and simple! On a good day you better believe you will find him on the greens. Wayne and I have traveled to two different countries together and he has tried it all from jet skis to snorkeling to four wheeling- and lets not forget tubing. He likes adventure.
Pictured first on the left is Terry Collier. I was introduced to Terry by Wayne at a New Year's event. Terry, also in his forties, is a father of five and soon to be grandad. Terry is also an active guy: a big golfer, skier, fisher, as well as weight-lifter and one hell of a good cook. The big man of the group is Scott Urland (pictured second from left), to whom I was also introduced by Wayne. Scott has been lifting weights since his teen years and believe it or not is also in his forties. Scott is a husband and a father of three. He coaches his youngest in soccer and basketball. Scott is also very active outside the gym. He runs,bikes, fishes, skis, water skis, and has been known to rip around on a dirt bike. The man is a master on the grill, a third degree black belt chef I believe! Pictured forth from left is me, Richard Seymour. Last but certainly not least is Allen Watts, a southern gentleman with a huge knowledge base of useless crap and a lot of good stuff as well. I met Allen back in 1998 and again it was fitness that started our friendship and some chess as well. Allen took to the weights hard for awhile but over the years I think it was not as important to him as being a good single father and provider. Allen is one of those guys that could sell chocolate ice cream to a lady in white gloves in August. A good man, a great friend. He can wear the hell out of some "biters" as well. Maybe he will put fitness back in the priority list, also in his forties I want him to be around for a long time...we all do.
So back to that night out recently. I had to smile to myself as we drank and talked that night in the crowded bar as we have done so many times before. The gym, the weights, the desire to be better today than we were yesterday is ultimately what brought us and our families together. Although I am still in my thirties I have good role models in these men pictured here. So go join a gym, new lifelong friendships along with a healthier you can be found.
Richard Seymour