Two and a half days, three plane flights, and a bus ride later and I am back at work. For those new to the site, I work six months of the year in western Africa. One month on one off type of schedule. Shortly after arriving at the airport at 4am I always seem to ask myself at this very point of the journey, "Why am I doing this?" After twenty eight days straight with my family and being home, it is always hard when it comes time to head back to work. "Hard" is the reason I do it! If it were easy everyone would be here doing it. See, I truly believe if you choose an easy way of doing things then what is the point? What do you learn? How do you achieve your goals and aspirations?
Nothing worth while in this life, including achieving a high level of fitness and a body strong, muscular, and defined, is going to be easy. Reaching peak fitness and staying at this level for years and years takes a lot of sacrifice and effort and at times it's just plain downright hard. That is what makes it so special. The mind is a very powerful and under-used tool when it comes to living a fit and healthy lifestyle. You have to truly believe you can and will be better today than you were yesterday. I will never be satisfied being unchallenged, hard work and sacrifices make even the simplest things more enjoyable. You have to see it, believe it, then take the steps to make it happen. No it isn't easy, it takes a lot to stay positive and be focused with so many things distracting us today. Think about your goals and how it will feel when you reach them. Think how good that will feel. See it in your mind then go for it.
I hope today you are challenged and find inspiration in that.