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Welcome to my community of fitness, lifestyle, health and nutritional experts.....students, busy professionals, families.....and YOU! Here you will find a mixed bag of exercise routines, nutritional tips, and lifestyle discussion.

All with one common goal: to discuss, debate, suggest, and provide the information you want. Along with answering all the questions needed to live your life having that lean fit body you desire and the knowledge to make smart nutritional decisions. To give you the zest for life and the energy to work for and achieve all your fitness goals. It is absolutely amazing how the success you achieve in your quest for a fitness lifestyle spills over into other areas of your life.

Once again I welcome you to my world! Together with you, I aspire to turn my love of fitness into one of the most active and viewed blogs. All your comments and questions are welcome. I will update you on special guest bloggers and topics. We will discuss many issues in the days ahead and I will share with you my life's experiences as they relate to health and fitness.

Healthfully yours

Richard Seymour