Rising National NPC Physique Star Dave Kantrowitz Talks with ABFITT

Rising Physique star  Dave Kantrowitz ready for big things in 2013.

Q: Dave Happy New Years and thanks for starting the year with ABFITT. Can you give us some background on yourself... (stats) contest weight etc...

Thanks Rich, same to you. I am very honored to kick off 2013 with ABFITT! I am a 23 year old National Level NPC Physique Competitor from New York. I am also a personal trainer, physical education teacher, and health education graduate student.

Physical fitness has always been a passion of mine and I really enjoy competing, networking, and creating new contacts within the industry.
I stand 5'7.5'' and weigh in at 170lbs. My contest weight is usually closer to 160lbs at ~3% body fat.
Q: So what does the new year have in store for Dave Kantrowitz? Any upcoming contest's or new projects in the works?

2013 is going to be a really big year for me! I have a lot of shows planned along with completing my Master's Degree this may. I will be competing in the 2013 Arnold Classic, Metropolitan Championship, Kemper Classic, and then all of the National Level Competitions until I attain IFBB Professional Status.

Q: Can you give us some of your past competition placings?

2012 Was my first year competing as a physique competitor in the NPC and I competed in 6 shows.

NJ State Championships: 2nd Place Physique A
Brandywine Cup: 1st Place Physique A
Brooklyn Grand Prix: 1st Place Physique A
NY Grand Prix: 1st Place Physique A and OVERALL PHYSIQUE CHAMPION
East Coast Championship: 3rd Place Physique A
National Championship: 16th Place Physique B
Q: let's talk your personal view of living a fitness lifestyle, what does that mean to you and how do you ensure success.

A healthy lifestyle, to me, is about balance. Aesthetics are attainable through nutrition, training, and proper rest. However, being able to balance all of that with work, family, friends, and social activities is what is most important.

I always make sure to take time out of my day to see those who are important and supportive of me and reach out to anyone who asks for my advice or help for anything. I have found that this type of balance makes it way easier to sustain a stable and active life.
Q: Can you take us through a day in the life of "Dave" as it relates to fitness. How you manage work, your fitness and nutrition on a daily basis.

My life is run by a series of alarms set on my cell phone (not kidding). I need that structure to make sure that I stay on time and on point with my diet, work, and general lifestyle

6am- wake up and hit 30 minutes of cardio
7am-  meal 1
8:30am - get to work
10:30am- meal 2
1:30pm- meal 3
2:30pm- head to the gym
4:30pm- meal 4
6pm- meal 5/dinner with the family/friends
9pm- meal 6
11pm- meal 7 and sleep

Q:  Can you give my readers a detailed day of what your diet/nutrition is like. Any foods you must have and supplements you believe in?
My diet is very strict as well as my supplementation. I have been fortunate enough to have two great sponsors in Athletic Xtreme and A1supplements who have taken care of me very well and help supply me with all of my supplemental diet needs! Because I am out of the house most of the delay I rely heavily on whey isolate shakes to consume adequate amounts of protein

Athletic Xtreme- LeanFX, MassFX, HardFX, AXcell (BCAA)
AI- Glycobol
Eat the Bear- Pure Whey Isolate

Meal 1: 1/2 cup oats, 8 egg whites
Meal 2: 50g isolate shake
Meal 3: 6oz chicken, 6oz green beans, 1/2 large sweet potato
Meal 4: 50g isolate shake
Meal 5: same as 3
Meal 6: 25g isolate shake
Meal 7: 25g isolate shake with 1tbsp natural peanut butter

Q: Being a fitness professional requires your body fat levels to be low year round for photo shoots and such, how do you manage to keep your body fat levels at a manageable level to be ready to shoot?

I maintain a consistent diet, training and cardio schedule to maintain ~5-7% year round before dropping to ~3% for competition. By doing so I find that I am never rushed or pressured to get back into shape and avoid unhealthy living patterns

Q: What is your current weight training split like?

  I change up my exercises every week but my split typically follows a standard isolation style training regime

Day 1: Chest
Day 2: Back
Day 3: Shoulders
Day 4: Cardio and abs only
Day 5: Arms
Day 6: Legs
Day 7: rest

Q: Can you give ABFITT readers a few important tips leading into this new year who are looking to achieve their best body ever?

When setting goals and objectives, you must be realistic. Losing 20lbs in a month is possible, but it is not maintainable and definitely not healthy. Pace yourself, do your research and train hard...it will pay off. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will you!!

Q: Dave anything you would like to leave us with? How can readers keep up and follow you?

I like to stay in contact with all of my friends/supporters as much as possible but the best way to reach me is definitely via social media

Instagram: @davekantrowitz

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments you have, or just reach out to say hey! I appreciate all the support and look forward to a great year in 2013!