Sonny Brown From The Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, Living A Fit Life!

 Q:  No introductions needed down under but for some of our US readers can you give us some background on yourself...

 SONNY BROWN:  I am 26, 5,8 and weigh 79kg. I live on the Gold Coast in Australia. I am lucky enough to live over the road from the beach. I live for fitness and surfing. I love sharing my knowledge to help others achieve the body they thought they couldn't.

 Q: So what does the new year have in store for Sonny Brown? Any upcoming contest's or new projects in the works?

 SONNY BROWN: This year is going to be huge!! My partner and I own a business called Greater Health. We have over 20 athletes we are preparing to compete in 3 months from now from bikini to fitness model. I will be competing in June in The Asia Pacific Fitness Model championship. Roughly ten days later I will be leaving Australia to compete in America with the WBFF

Q: Any plans on working or competing in the USA?

 SONNY BROWN:  I'm coming : )

Q: let's talk your personal view of living a fitness lifestyle, what does that mean to you and how do you ensure success.

  SONNY BROWN:  At the age of 16 I was an Australian champion body boarder. I was following a pro junior tour and was sponsored by the best company's in the business. I found I lost site of my goals as i grew older. I found myself working a very well payed job by the age of 19 but i wasn't happy. I was missing something big. I continued with self abuse and working a job I didn't believe in. I joined a gym at 21 and I have never looked back. Fitness has become a lifestyle for me. I cant go a day without thinking of training. I love being in great shape it exceeds any other high ever. Fitness is whatever you want it to be, for me it is simply the answer to all.

Q: Can you take us through a day in the life of Sonny Brown as it relates to fitness. How you manage work, your fitness and nutrition on a daily basis.

 SONNY BROWN: I train twice a day so I usually make my way to the gym that I train and work out of around 8am. I train abs or do some fasted cardio depending on what my goals are at the time. I will head home eat my first meal as well as prepare my food for the day. I then answer all emails and cover Facebook etc. I head back to gym for roughly 1pm train my weight session finishing in time to train anywhere from 3 to 5 clients.

Q: I have seen tremendous responses to your " you tube " video's posted on your FaceBook page.  Fan's seem to appreciate your current conditioning & find them very helpful. Can you talk about your nutrition & supplementation. Can you give my readers a detailed day of what your diet/nutrition is like. Any foods you must have and supplements you believe in?

  SONNY BROWN: I believe that nutrition is the key to results both in and out of the gym. I personally like to mix my food sources up depending on what my goals are at the time. Here is a look at what I eat:

Meal 1: 50g oats, 50g berries and 40g Syn Tec Glyco Whey
Meal 2: 40g Syn Tec Glyco Whey 35 almonds
Meal 3: Wholemeal organic wraps,avocado,chicken or lean meats i use low fat cheese (pre workout meal)
Meal 4: 200g meat or fish 250g sweet potato
Meal 5: Syn Tec Glyco Whey 40g 35 almonds
Meal 6: Eggs and Broccoli

   I have also been using a method were after training muscle groups I"m wanting to bring up I add extra calories and carbs post training. I use this method as my cheat meal it allows me to keep body fat low whilst feeding the muscle and my brain some extra foods from different sources. I love sushi and peanut butter chocolate ice cream. As a natural athlete I feel supplementation is essential. I have had great results using Syn Tec, BCAA, beta alaninine, arginine and CLA. In the past when carb cycling i feel flat. I have added the above and had a great full and vascular look even when doing super low carb days.

Q: Being a fitness professional requires your body fat levels to be low year round for photo shoots and such, how do you manage to keep your body fat levels at a manageable level to be ready to shoot?

  SONNY BROWN: I believe this is the hardest part of wanting or trying to be a fitness professional. I personally find that staying 3kg away from my shoot or comp weight is the best way to gauge it all. If you want to be the best you have to set the bar high. Im sitting here now writing this hungry. Why you ask?! Because that is the difference between getting a call to shoot in five days and nailing the condition. Or showing up and the photographer saying "we should of called the other guy". Choice is simple how bad do you want it?!

Q: What is your current weight training split like?

  SONNY BROWN: I currently weigh 79kg I dont have a structured split but this is what I am currently doing with my weight training:


 Monday: Chest and abs
Tuesday: Quads and calves
Wed: Biceps and abs (am) Triceps (pm)
Thur: Hamstrings and calves
Fri: Shoulders and back
Sat: Abs

Q: Can you give ABFITT readers a few important tips leading into this new year who are looking to achieve their best body ever?

 SONNY BROWN: I believe results are based around your relative goals. I believe the best way to get the most out of your training and nutrition is to set achievable goals. For some of my clients who struggle to eat clean five days a week i set them two cheat meals a week. Does this mean getting lean happens slower, yes. But in the long run they are killing it. If they had eaten clean for four days then failed on the fifth this leaves them disheartened, down and not believing in themselves. Set yourself goals that you can smash not goals that are a world away. This way you are doing what your promised yourself. That is you achieving results!!

Q: Thank for taking time out to chat with ABFITT, Sonny anything you would like to leave us with?

  SONNY BROWN: Believe in your ability to change anything you want in your life. We all have the power to live our dreams. Hard work will be the basis of it all but you will be left with a sense of pride and achievement. That is you walking out of your door everyday feeling on top of the world. Have a huge 2013 it's your year........ ( Visit Sonny Brown's Fitness page on Facebook)


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