METABOLIC SUPER SETS (H.I.G.T): At the end of my training week I like to do a full body workout. I superset a group of compound movements in a circuit fashion. I call this H.I.G.T (High Intensity Group Training) and started doing this in 2004. I was working with a helicopter company fighting wildfires in remote area's. Time was limited so I needed to create an effective and fast routine. What eventually evolved into one hell of a workout.

3 sets of each H.I.G.T group. 5-25 rep range, Each group is performed without rest in between exercises. Once all exercises are complete rest 2-3 min ( more or less) then repeat until all sets are complete. Use weight relative to your strength and conditioning level.

Round 1: Incline push up (alternate hand positioning each set) >dumbbell squat press> wide grip pull up> Alternating One arm dumbbell plank rows>medicine ball ab twists feet elevated off ground.

Round 2: Barbell squat>bench press>dead-lift>25LB plate explosive squat jumps...hold one in each hand.
NOTE* ( I like to use a smith machine to go (heavy low reps) if no training partner is available)

Round 3: Medicine ball close grip incline push up>speed rope 1 min> one arm dumbbell snatch> Bent over barbell row!!!!

This is a great workout to completely drain muscle glucose and to mix up your training. I usually follow this with heavy bag work. the fighter in me never goes away so I always incorporate my love of boxing into my routines.