Introducing To American Fitness Fans, Ben "The Blue Print" Noy

 Putting US Fitness competitors on notice and bringing a whole new package along with him, meet UK's Ben Noy. Ben Noy is a top international fitness model and sponsored athlete with publications and magazine covers around the world. He started through fashion/commercial/underwear modeling where he worked for all the big names. Ben is also a spokesman for two charities (Down Syndrome Association and Bowel Cancer Association), runs his own online fitness support and life coaching website and has his own clothing brand and exclusive abs and fitness DVDs!

From a young age, Ben has developed a comprehensive and valuable sporting background with success to a high level in various natural bodybuilding, marathons/athletics, football, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, and Thai boxing. His strong background has brought him to be a well-rounded, experienced and established celebrity personal trainer also renowned at the Reebok Sport Club in London, where he trains a huge range of high-end clients. Let's get to know this fitness inspiration in my exclusive one-on-one with Men's Health and Ab's of the Year 2011 Ben Noy. 

 Q:So what does the new year have in store for Ben Noy? Any upcoming contest's or new projects in the works? Any plans on working or competing in the USA?

Ben NoyThis year I will be competing In the US and alongside bringing out a lot more products including more DVDs etc...As I feel I've reached my peak in the UK, the US is my next stop....

 Q: let's talk your personal view of living a fitness lifestyle, what does that mean to you and how do you ensure success.

Ben Noy: Preparation + opportunity + determination= Luck&Success

 Q: I had a tremendous response to a you tube video I posted of you talking "Ten pack abs", surprisingly the overwhelming number of inquiries were about your nutrition & supplementation. Can you give my readers a detailed day of what your diet/nutrition is like.  Being a fitness professional requires your body fat levels to be low year round for photo shoots and such, how do you manage to keep your body fat levels at a manageable level to be ready to shoot?

Ben Noy: My diet varies weekly, I don't tend to get much time annually to put on size as I don't have a off season as such due to the high demand in fitness shoots! So my aim, is to gain as much lean mass as possible whilst maintaining very low body fat! I manipulate my carbs and fats to feed my body and shock my system but I tend to eat the things I fancy but make sure I get all my nutrients

Q: What is your current weight training split like?

Ben Noy: Again, I tend to varie my training routines to keep my muscles guessing but generally it varies from high rep isolation to slow compound movements...due to keeping my nutrition in control I fuel my body more on the more active training days & heavy training days.

Q: Give ABFITT readers a few important tips leading into this new year who are looking to achieve their best body ever?

Ben Noy:  Knowledge is the key...its a science after all! Keep your veg high for fiber and fuel your body the most (high carb) first thing in the morning, pre-workout and post workout!!! The sooner you realize it's all in your control the quicker the results will follow...learn your body and the rest will follow!!!

Q: Can you give us the names of people, company's and projects you have been involved in.

Ben Noy:  PlayBoy, Aussie Bum, Diet Coke campaign, D&G & Dolce Underwear campaign, Daily Star, 69 magazine, The sun, Muscle&Fitness Magazine, Flex Magazine, Musclemania & Men's Health Magazine just to name a few of many. Also I can't Mention names due to confidentiality but I have worked with some celebs as a Pro trainer at Reebok UK.

 Q: How about some contest results.

Ben Noy: Competitions I have won.....Britain champion, European and commonwealth champion and pro card winner, Abs Uk, Abs of the year '11, Abs of the world and a few more.

Q: How can we keep up to date with Ben Noy?

 Ben Noy: General network connections

Facebook fan page
Twitter: @bennoyofficial
 Instagram: bennoyofficial
 YouTube channel     comingsoon:bennoyofficial

Q: Ben I understand fitness is not your only passion.
Ben Noy: Charities I represent (spokesman),  DSA - Down syndrome association & BCA - Bowel cancer association

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Q:  Ben anything you would like to leave us with?

Ben Noy: Believe in yourself, you build your own future. Be positive and focus on one muscle group per work out (growth), don't spend hours @ the gym, don't train your jaw line by talking all the time as you need to keep your rests short (ripping out), stay hydrated for so many reasons and try and keep a diary of your food to learn what works for you...Rome wasn't built in a day, keep @ it peeps!!!!  Cheers, Ben Noy