Former World Champion Steve Forbes (left) hits the mitts held by his trainer Jeff Mayweather (right) at a media workout on April 29, 2008 at the La Brea Boxing Gym in Los Angeles, California in preparation for his May 3, 2008 fight against Oscar de la Hoya in what will be the first-ever boxing event at The Home Depot Center Soccer Stadium in a bout that will be televised live on HBO. The fight will be De La Hoya’s first in Los Angeles since 2000 and marks his return to HBO’s World Championship Boxing for the first time since 2001 Can Forbes pull off what would amount to an upset similar to the NY Giants win over the Patriots this past super-bowl. Tune in!


Without hesitation I will tell you the squat rains king of all exercises. The large burst of testosterone and other hormones during squats, are the major reasons why squats and dead lifts are very important for overall muscle building. It’s the same reason why doing a heavy set of dumbbell presses is a more effective mass builder than a chest fly. Why? because the compound movement ( multi joint ) is going to release more testosterone and GH during the movement than a chest fly.
The large burst of anabolic hormones resulting from squats and dead lifts, allows your muscles to benefit from this release simultaneously. Squats and dead lifts work many muscles simultaneously ( multi joint exercise ) in the body and will allow your body to receive stimulation from the release of the hormones during the exercise. The large amounts of testosterone and GH released from squats, is very crucial for being a catalyst for your muscle growth. Very little will be released in the smaller compound exercises, such as a bicep-curl. Therefore doing single joint exercises do not get the same bursts of GH and test as will having squats in your routine will.
If I was told I could only perform one movement to develop my overall physique and build strengh, it would be the squat.

DO DIETS WORK?.....What do you think?

All across this country people are taking part in following some sort of fad diet plan. South beach diet, Atkins diet, slim fast, abs diet, celebrity diet. I could go on and on. I begin by telling you after twenty two years of both competing on an amateur and professional level, training and training others I can say with 100% certainty that diets and dieting does not work to promote long term weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.
However since the diet industry is raking in billions yes billions of dollars perhaps I am missing something. So tell me do they work? Have you had success? Have you had Long term success? I want to know your personal story, now is your chance to be heard. I want the readers of this site to weigh in on this hot topic. Tell me why or why not diets and dieting do or do not work. The media and commercialism are part responsible for a majority of bad information out there. TV Celebrity diets? C’mon are you kidding me.
We are an overweight nation; we are a nation of fast food. What are we teaching our kids when it comes to proper eating and exercising? I have a friend who has a five year old who would rather play on the computer than play outside. Are we leading these kids by example? You better believe we are they are direct products of their parents. They do what they see you doing or not doing period! If you are a fat parent who lives a lazy lifestyle then I think it’s safe to say your children will be a mirror image of you and your lifestyle. How selfish of you!
These are some issues worth debating and I am curious how both the fit and overweight readers feel about them so again I encourage you to be herd click below to tell your story or voice your opinion. I don’t and never have battled weight issues. Not because I have great genetics or take some magic pill or even know some stay fit secret. I just committed myself to a lifestyle from a young age with the proper guidance from my parents of hard work, sensible eating, consistency and a tremendous respect in my greatest personal possession… health.

Richard seymour

GOT JUICE? Steroids...Sometimes You Can Just Tell

Greetings bloggers! It’s Mrs. S again. I decided to create a blog to invite some debate over an issue that I feel warrants discussion: STEROIDS (or “Juice”). It seems every spring it is IMPOSSIBLE to walk through any gym and not see at least ONE guy carrying clearly unnatural muscle mass. I am absolutely baffled by this phenomenon. Do guys in general think bigger is better (and biggest is best?!) or is there a juice culture to whom this appeals? Do men (or women) subject their bodies to this abuse because they feel inadequate without superhuman strength, muscle, endurance? What’s the point? If it is for vanity that men decide to juice- I challenge you to survey 10 women and ask who they find more attractive: a fit lean guy like David Beckham or a monster like Jay Cutler (Mr. Olympia 2008) and MOST would select the former. My opinion on the matter has always been, if you want to attract a WOMAN get lean, if you want to attract another MAN get big. But, that is merely my perspective. What’s yours?
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Remember protein is important to building a lean muscular physique. I recommend taking a shake 60 min. before training and as soon as possible after your workout. Here's a sample recipe that happens to be my favorite.

8oz water
8oz skim milk
1 scoop of chocolate whey protein (24grams)
1 table spoon of peanut-butter
1 teaspoon of grounded flax-seed
1/4 cup of oatmeal (dry)
1/2 of a banana
Blend on high for 30 seconds.
Now you have supplied your body with a tasty treat that provides all you need for building muscle and preparing yourself for the next workout.

Richard Seymour


One of the most popular and effective muscle building supplements is Creatine, however there is a lot of confusion and misinformation spread about Creatine. The purpose of this article is to explain to you how Creatine can help you build muscles.
Creatine is a naturally occurring substance. It is produced in small amounts by the liver. Creatine travels through the bloodstream to muscle cells. Once there, it is transformed into Creatine phosphate that provides short energy bursts. These are extremely useful for muscle building.
There is not a direct link between Creatine and muscle building. By increasing your intake of Creatine, you will find that more Creatine phosphate is converted to energy in your muscles. The increased production of energy means that you can work out for longer, lift heavier weights and do more repetitions of each exercise. It is this increase in output from your exercise routine that will allow you to gain strength and build more muscle.
Creatine supplement can be great for your muscle building endeavours. However, there is some concern of possible negative side effects from excess consumption. There have been some reported cases of water retention and mild nausea, but no documented scientific studies. There are no studies that have linked taking a Creatine supplement with any serious medical illnesses. One major study done by Jaques R. Poortmans and Marc Francaux, back in the late nineties entitled “Long-Term Oral Creatine Supplementation Does Not Impair Renal Function In Healthy Athletes” compared kidney health and Creatine use in healthy athletes for a period of 10 months to 5 years. There findings showed no adverse health conditions in those that had taken a Creatine supplement regularly.
I have been using creatine in a cycle " on - off " fashion safely and effectively for about ten years now and strongly believe Creatine is an extremely effective and useful supplement that is highly recommended for anyone wanting to boost their muscle building endeavours.


As the owner of two full grown boxers, Zoe & Hayden, I can tell you a conditioned animal is better off -- happier, more alert, more content. The animal will sleep better, have more energy, and be better adjusted. Exercise will also benefit your dog by keeping him lean and trim. Physically active animals have stronger and healthier bones, stronger cardiovascular systems, better muscle tone, and fewer everyday problems.
One of the biggest problems with pet dogs is that the only activity their owners share with them is feeding, and this becomes a reward system. It becomes a form of positive feedback for the owner and the pet and the animal gets fed too much and gets fat.
Exercise should be built into every dog's daily routine, but if you plan to take it walking, jogging, or camping, additional physical conditioning is essential to build your animal's stamina. The first step should be an examination by your veterinarian. A half-hour walk in the morning and another half-hour at night should be sufficient for 90% of all dogs.
Those owners who anticipate strenuous exercise for their pet should provide additional levels of conditioning. Begin several weeks in advance and slowly increase your dog's exercise period each day. Start slowly, maintain a regular routine, and never push your pet beyond its capabilities. An adequate goal is a minimum 30-minute exercise session, three times a week. That includes a 5-minute warm up, 20 minutes of aerobic activity, and 5-minute cool down period. My personal form of exercise with the dogs is a brisk walk up in the mountains. Just remember fido needs to work out too.


The Pittsburgh Kid” Paul Spadafora returned to the ring for the first time in over a year at the Avalon Hotel in Erie PA on Friday night. The 32-year old former IBF lightweight champion looked impressive in an eight-round unanimous decision over welterweight Shad Howard of St. Louis. As reported from ringside by Gary Sarti


If you're like most Americans you're just shaking your head when you drive up to the gas pump. I don't see any relief any time soon, in fact it's probably going to get worse this summer. With that being said, the trickel down effect of higher fuel costs will directly affect your fitness. Well your pocket fiscal fitness that is. The cost to drive back and forth from the gym. Most train five times a week and some people do drive a bit to get to their gym.
The cost of your supplements will rise as a direct result of transport costs. As will the foods you buy. Groceries are already delivering body shots to your wallet and in a big way. The truth is to eat healthy is expensive. Good foods are gonna cost you, that's the bottom line. Lets face it, to be healthy and live healthy is down right expensive. Gym fees, supplements, gas, food. All you can do is the best you can right? Money will come and go and some of us will have more than others however your health and fitness is by far the greatest and most important investment you will ever make.


I was absolutely amazed recently when I researched using a statistic counting site How many searches for weight lose were contucted between six am and twelve noon on Friday April 25th using one popular search engine. Are you ready for this? 22,487 searches in a six hour period. Hey isn't anyone working?
I was equaly amazed at how many drugs, diet books and weight loss supplements are available to the fat losing public. Yes, all quick loss drugs, programs and promices. I was amazed. Are you kidding me? Do people actualy believe in all that crap and spend money on this stuff? As a man who has never allowed myself to be so undisciplened to have to seek out these products the truth is I was nieve to all that crap out there.
I have to laugh because all your answers to the losing fat puzzle is free here on my simple blog. The overweight will dismiss me for one reason and one alone. I will not give you a get fit quick and easy solution. What you will get is a wake up call about what it takes to live a healthy and fit forever lifestyle. Its all here friends. Years of trial and error and years of sweat and hard work. So stop being fat and depressed and do something positive for yourself and the people that care for you. Get fit and feel great. I am always here to help and answer your questions, always.

Richard Seymour


Most fall somewhere in between these two extremes pictured above. America is the leading nation sadly in both adult and child obesity, yet we are the number one purchaser of abdominal training equipment. I suppose Americans are crunching away on their ab flex while eating those french fries. All kidding aside a true visual assessment of a man's fitness and overall health is clearly defined for all to see in his midsection. Men will deposit visceral fat in the belly, "beer belly", this is the dangerous fat also known as organ fat. Woman deposit this type of fat on their hips and buttocks. Visceral fat accumulation is associated with glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, hypertension, and coronary artery disease. Serious stuff.
Listen, we all have abdominal muscles, most just can't see them because of the layer of fat that hides them. I am going to make it real simple for you so put away that ab flex. Lose the fat! Stop all the crunches! Lose the fat! Please no more crunches. Listen I train abs hard maybe once a week. I do this knowing my abdominal muscles come into play during every single exercise I perform therefore being contracted multiple times during any given workout. Your abs have to work to stabilize the spine during all multi joint exercises. Doing dead lifts, squats, kettle ball presses, rows, and pull ups will work your abs harder than any crunch ever will. So train them like any other body part and for Pete's sake get up off the floor with all those crunches. Build more muscle to amp up your fat burning machine ( your metabolism ). Eat smart, watch your body fat percentage and I promise you your abs will be stretching your t-shirt.
Goes against everything you have been told right! Listen don't get trapped in the world of fitness and muscle magazines with all that consumerism crap. They are trying to pay the bills folks. Don't buy into the 101 ways to get a six pack. Everything you need to build and sculpt a lean and defined body along with a great midsection can be found right here for FREE on this BLOG. My H.I.G.T program is the only tool you need. I am living proof at 37 yrs old. Give it an honest go and see for yourself.

Richard Seymour


Fast and slow twitch are generalizations for more specific muscle fiber types. Physiologists classify human muscle fibers as type 1( slow twitch )type 2 (fast twitch) In general, slow twitch muscle fibers are relatively fatigue resistant, but do not contract as rapidly or as strongly.
Fast-twitch fibers contract more rapidly and forcefully, but fatigue more quickly. Although all muscle fiber types respond to INTENSE training, fast twitch fibers tend to have greater ability for hypertrophy (growth of lean muscle tissue).
What does all this mean? Training with a program such as the one a preach about on this site (H.I.G.T) high intensity group training promotes the recruitment of fast twitch muscle fibers. A result driven workout that enables muscles to produce more power, boosts metabolism, raises the metabolic rate to enhance calorie burning long after you leave the gym.

Richard Seymour

THE UNCONVENTIONAL IS CONVENTIONAL..principles of H.I.G.T (high intensity group training)

I preach these training principles when it comes to my H.I.G.T program. I believe these five basic principles when applied correctly and accompanied with proper nutrition, supplementation, & rest allow for drastic body composition change and huge gains in speed & strength.
1. INTENSITY...without it you're spinning your wheels, achieve it with heavy weights and little to no rest between exercises.
2. GROUPING...pairing two or more muscle groups during training, remember functional fitness. Muscle contraction is a team effort. Single joint movements are limiting your results.
3. RECRUITMENT..this program was developed to recruit as many fast twitch muscle fibers as possible. These are the fibers responsible for a lean sculpted physique.
4. NO REST.. I should say limited amounts of rest. traditional weight training limits overall growth in trained individuals. Limited to no rest between exercises forces the body to recruit more muscle fibers to handle the increased demands put on the body.
5. UNCONVENTIONAL IS CONVENTIONAL.. Training in this matter puts a huge demand on your heart & lungs, forcing more blood flow and rapid use of oxygen in time resulting in better cardiovascular fitness without endless hours on the treadmill.

These fundamental principles have been tested and proven to work. I began training and developing H.I.G.T in 2004 with the help of some of this country's fittest USFS smoke jumpers.. the deserts of Nevada. I have tweaked it to what it is today. You don't have to agree with these principles I only ask you to ask yourself this, "If there is a better more efficient way of training that will drastically sculpt your body with tons of lean muscle tissue and turn your body into a fat incinerating machine with a metabolism that churns full throttle, can you afford to NOT give it a try?
Your body, your health, your choice.

Richard Seymour


Shoulders & triceps are grouped in day three of my H.I.G.T program. Once again weight and reps will not be prescribed due to not knowing your current level of fitness. As always the principles of heavy weight maximum thirty second rest periods between sets and no rest between super sets applies.

Assuming you are properly warmed up and prepared to begin training: (sample routine as follows)

Seated military press Shoulder exercise )..directly into...close grip bench press ( triceps exercise ) 4 sets

Dumbbell front raises..directly into..Triceps dumbbell kickback..4 sets

Dumbbell side raises..directly into..parallel bar dips..4 sets

Dumbbell side raises..directly into..Triceps cable press downs..4 sets

I usually follow this routine with ab training then conclude with 20 min of rope skipping.
Richard Seymour


My High Intensity Group Training also known as (H.I.G.T) was developed in 2004 and has fully evolved into the training program it is today. My training methods and principles will seem a bit extreme to some however at thirty seven I can assure you they were developed with the idea that our bodies are ageing, and as athletes we are simply getting older.A training method that would allow you to better your fitness level and build more lean muscle tissue along with burning loads of fat was possible. With that in mind understand H.I.G.T is efficient and effective and results-driven.
My H.I.G.T program takes men to the point where they are certain they want to quit! Sure that they can't possibly continue, then has you work even harder. You will develop explosive power and speed, you will learn the true meaning of functional fitness. Your body will expend more calories during your time in the gym, then continue to rev your metabolism hours afterwards.
H.I.G.T involves the recruitment of both slow & fast twitch muscle fibers. I wont bother with the science. I will tell you H.I.G.T was developed and planned to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers in abundance in order to better increase your potential for growth of overall lean muscle tissue.
More muscle, more body fat burned, more calories burned at rest. Hey this is work! If you are looking for fun, try PlayStation. My high intensity group training will drastically change your body composition...More to come.
Richard Seymour


On Thursday four days from returning from Africa I returned for the first time in nearly eleven years to an old school boxing only gym. Rustic and hard core, a gym for fighters learning and mastering their craft. You wont catch the majority of American fitness fanatics here. No fancy machines and no juice bar.
I was flooded with memories of the years I spent tirelessly training to perfect my passion in gyms like this. Years of gym wars earning respect in inner city gyms as a young fighter. You have to earn your spot you have to gain respect from the other fighters. You do that by stepping in the ring and going to war, usually ending with a hug or tap on the ass showing mutual respect.
Louie Melendez an old friend now operates this gym on Linden st. in Allentown PA. Just like in the past he greeted me with a big smile a hug and told me "this is your house to".......Man do I love this sport!


Fuel your body with a good quality whey protein one hour before training and again directly after your workout. This insures you will have the nutrients needed to build lean muscle tissue and ready your body for the next training session.
I can without hesitation recommend optimum nutrition's classic 100% whey. 24 grams per serving, taste's great and bottom line it's not over priced.


Even the Non fight fan can be excited for this showdown, Bernard Hopkins arguable the best 160 pounder of all time against Joe Calzaghe, The best 168 ponder of all time.
The days, weeks, months leading up to This fight has been fueled with trash talk, bravado, insults and yes a bit of racism. Truth is I am sure Bernard is trying to sell this fight. His big pay days are soon going to be behind him. At 43 even this awesome physical specimen cant have too many more big time fights left.
I am picking Joe and his aggressive no non-sense style to win out over Bernard's grab and hold method of fighting. Saturday night on HBO, enjoy this one folks.


Day two training on the H.I.G.T training program is one of the most demanding. You will quickly find out what you are capable of as you will be tested both physically as well as mentally. Once again I will not prescribe the amount of weight you will use or the number of reps. However again! I will tell you this is about intensity, exercises performed in a superset fashion with minimal rest between sets. Maximum of thirty seconds. Your weight with each set should increase and become more challenging. With these two principles we achieve maximum intensity and force our bodies to adapt and ultimately get stronger and leaner. Good luck! Remember warm up with 10 min of skipping rope or treadmill work.

GROUP 1. Squat..into...pull ups...4 sets
GROUP 2. Bent over barbell row..into...Stiff legged dead lifts..4 sets
GROUP 3. Barbell Deadlift...into..One arm kettle ball swing & press..4 sets
GROUP 4. Dumbbell upright rows...into..Standing one leg dumbbell lunges...4 sets
Remember these exercises are performed one after another only resting between each super set.

Richard Seymour


Mackie Shilstone is known the world over for helping world class athletes and business titans Take their bodies to the next level. Learn more at


I have tried alot of pre workout drinks over the years and have had some real good results with some. However never have I tried a product that has produced results like this.
Cytosport Fast Twitch workout drink fuels intense, fast twitch contracting workouts in two ways: by boosting nitric oxide (NO) levels and encouraging formation of the high-energy molecule creatine phosphate. Fast Twitch Power Workout Drink puts you in the intensity zone to fuel total muscle fiber contractions and enables muscles to produce more power during workouts, and grow larger after. Plus, intensity zone workouts raise metabolism, increasing fat loss significantly more than easier workouts.
Fast Twitch's Benefits
Strength, Power and Velocity: Fueling type II fibers increases explosive power and speed. This translates into more sets, reps and weight lifted.
Endo-Thermogenic: Fast Twitch enables muscles to produce more power, resulting in greater heat output. This heat production is endo-thermogenic. Increased body heat, plus enhanced oxygen consumption after harder workouts, boosts metabolism. Raising the metabolic rate can enhance calorie burning.
Jump Start Recovery: Cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone, naturally rises after workouts. Elevated cortisol can be catabolic to muscle tissue. Fast Twitch contains phosphatidylserine (SerinAid), which may help blunt exercise induced cortisol rise after workouts.
Enhanced Creatine Production: Creatine GCC, first used in Muscle Milk, helps support the body’s own creatine production. New Kre-Alkalyn further advances creatine technology. Together, they need no loading, and are pH balanced to deliver massive creatine results.
Get Pumped, Feel Great, Lift Big: Fast Twitch's nitric oxide amplifiers pump you up, and speed nutrients to hungry muscles. S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) production, highly regarded for enhancing mood and joint support. SAMe, with other nutrients, help “get your mind right” for monster workouts.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (27g)
Servings per Bottle 40
Amount per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 70
Total Fat 0 g
Saturated Fat 0 mg
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sugars 0 g
Protein 3 g

Vitamin C 45 mg
Vitamin E 30 iu
Vitamin B6 3 mg
Vitamin B12 10 mcg
Folate 400 mcg
Magnesium 5 mg
Sodium 110 mg
Potassium 220 mg
Calcium 25 mg


Seven sure fire supplements & why they work!

1. Vitamin C...Boosts immune system, repairs damaged tissue, promote healthy teeth & bones.
2. Glutamine... Promotes muscle growth and overall health. One of the most versatile amino acids used by athletes.
3. Glucosamine...Joint and connective tissue health.
4. Fish oil...Omega-3 fatty acids for heart, brain, joint and digestive system health.
5. Multi-vitamin...Insurance that you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need for recovery.
6. Creatine...Enhance muscle strength and physical endurance.
7. Whey protein powder...Building blocks for lean muscle tissue is protein. Fast digesting whey is simple the best form. Better immune health, weight management.

Richard Seymour

Don't Beat Yourself Up- A Post from the Mrs.

Hello fitness community! I'm sure my husband will be shocked to see I'm posting given my hectic schedule while he is away, however I felt compelled to share a recent epiphany. We all encounter challenges in our busy schedules that prevent us from enjoying personal time, perhaps steering us away from our fitness regimens. My resolve: DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP. Last week, I began a research study in a daycare center about an hour from my home. After working all day, then commuting to the site for data collection, I found myself exhausted and in no condition to train. Rather than allow myself to be overwhelmed with disappointment and frustration, I simply let it go and planned my program for the next week to better accommodate my new schedule. See, two days a week I am away from home for about 16 hours (each day). SO, I designated these my "off days" and have planned my training around them. On the days I am able to train, my time is limited so I am experimenting with a new routine. Day 1: Chest and Biceps, Day 2: Legs and Back, Day 3: Shoulders and Triceps, Day 4: Full body circuit, Day 5: OFF, Day 6: Cardio (1 hour), Day 7: OFF. By scheduling my workouts this way, I do not stress about when and how I will train- allowing me to commit more time and energy to my responsibilities and avoid distractions. I am the type of person who needs a clear mind whenever embarking on an assignment- personal, professional, or fitness related. This week I have found myself much more energized and focused. So, I offer as advice to those who are struggling to stay the course in their fitness endeavors: make a schedule for yourself that you feel you can stick to. Schedule fitness into your life as if it were an appointment you can not afford to miss. And, if you find yourself facing new challenges- DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP. There is no such thing as failure- only feedback. Welcome the opportunity to try something new.

BACK IN THE RING.....update!

I am coming home from Africa this Sunday and I will be taking the next step in my return to the professional boxing ring. Some of you may recall from another post that I have been contemplating a return after ten years of being away from professional boxing. I have put together a small team and we begin serious training on April 15Th in Allentown.

At thirty seven those close to me are a bit confused as to why I want to do this. I have gotten a few "are you crazy" and a couple of "Oh my God's". Truth is not too much encouragement and I certainly can understand why. I mean, I have a great career that affords me a great living. I am married to a wonderful woman and we have a real good life. We just built a home and things are good. So why? It's simple, I have accomplished many things the past ten years. I put myself through school, I have traveled the world earning a living, I have met wonderful people and made some life long friendships. I have kept myself in fabulous shape, never ever straying from my true passion, FITNESS. With all those personal accomplishments, one thing!
The one thing that eats away at me every single time I watch a fight or here people talking about achieving their goals or discussing how it's so important to never quit, never give up!

I get this sick feeling in my gut. I ended my professional boxing career as short as it was on a really bad note. I had been plagued by personal problems and my mind was not in it. I wasn't training, I wasn't focused, I was pathetic. I took a fight on short notice for a big payday. I had no business taking the fight because I hadn't been training.

I fought in front of a packed house on a USA network Tuesday Night Fights at the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia, PA. Although no one will remember the fight, I let myself down that night. I was put down three times in the first round. Each time I got knocked down I got back up, but I had nothing. I hadn't prepared, I didn't train and focus as I had always done for so many years. I let personal problems take me away from something I truly was passionate about. I let myself down that night. My pride, not ego was bruised.

It bothers me to this day. I know I was and am better than that and I want to prove only to myself that when I focus and I prepare and I train properly I can achieve anything I put my mind to. So my plan is to fight by mid summer. My first phone call was to a real good friend. Without hesitating he told me he was there for me, "what ever you need". Then I worked on a trainer and have decided to go with an old boxing friend and trainer from Allentown, PA. Louie Melendez. I am sharing this with all of you because I can not tell you to never stop achieving, don't ever give up on your goals, and to believe in yourself if I don't practice what I am preaching and well....I have to kill a few personal demons.

Scott Urland...Family and Fitness

Hello folks, my name is Scott. The word fitness actually sounds kind of funny to me. It might as well be spelled L-I-F-E. Since I can remember I have been active from sports as a kid to fitness and bodybuilding as I matured into a man. I have three daughters, two dogs, and work as a Facilities Manager at one of the world's top sellers and manufacturers of business products.
I've seen quite a bit, from trying to be the biggest guy in the gym to watching the chemical junkies making a fool out of themselves. I'm 41 years old now and feel like a wise old owl when watching people in the gym wasting there time with far out exercises they learned from there buddy at work.
My lifestyle has changed with the fact that I lead a busy work week at the office and have soccer practice with my daughter and basketball practices and just trying to keep up with life in general. I now incorporate fitness into my week with an approach to be smart in how its done and with results always as a goal.
I will tell you that Rich's experience and workout ethics are without a doubt second to none. His practical and surprisingly basic approach to acheiving fitness goals are fantastic.

Guest Writer..Sandy Urland..Real life fitness!!

I'm the lady from PA and I look forward to my workouts in the morning. It's my alone time. I work 40+ hours a week plus my job at home being a mom and wife which takes up a lot of time! The only time I have to myself is in the morning before everyone else gets up.

Working out has always been a part of my life. I don't ever want to be fat and out of's one of my biggest fears but I do like my sweets and this is how I can enjoy them and not feel so guilty.

Working out makes me feel good, wakes me up in the morning, keeps me strong and tone, keeps me younger and healthier. There is nothing bad about it.

I work out at home because it's convenient, inexpensive and I can do it on my time and not have to worry about driving anywhere. The key to working out at home though is variety. I have all kinds of workout videos/dvds from kickboxing, pilates, weight training, step aeorbics, dance, and cardio plus I run on a treadmill and ride bike (indoor and out). I sometimes do 10-15 minutes of each that way I don't get bored. I workout for at least 60-90 minutes 5 times a week. I used to work out 7 days a week but that was when all I believed in was cardio. Over time I have learned that you must weight train also. It's good for your muscles and helps you burn fat faster! My husband used to always tell me this and I would never listen to him but then I started reading Women's Health Magazines and found out that he was right!

Remember, there is always time to squeeze in a workout. Keep your body healthy and fit - you'll live a better life!

Sandy Urland



Combining push (chest) pull (bicep) for training day 1.

Performed in a super set fashion, max of thirty seconds of rest between each set. (progressive loads using explosive movements) Remember the key here is Intensity. IE: heavy poundage's, minimal amounts of rest quickly moving from one exercise to the next.





I am not advising on reps or weight. I don't know your level of fitness or what you can lift, so adjust accordingly. However this is not a high rep low weight routine. Its effective only when you force your body into recruiting more muscle fibers than your body is used to. I call it the gray zone ( when the discomfort is so great you want to quit! Don't, learn to train in that zone. That's when your body is forced to call up type two fibers.) You can only reach this point by training INTENSELY.

This is day one (chest and biceps)...I finish my workout with 20 minutes of skipping rope, or working on both the speed bag and heavy bag. (NOTE: I use boxing training as my preferred form of cardio.).

Richard Seymour


I have to smile to myself when I see ads similar to the headline of this article. As though obtaining a well-defined mid section was as easy as buying a gym membership. Infomercial pitchmen and grocery store magazines have made millions with this type of advertising. So today I will give you the facts about abdominals and abdominal training as well as obliques and innercostal tie in's.
Short and to the point! Genetics play a big role. Now that's not to say you can not develop an impressive mid section, it's simply the truth when it comes to a sculpted six pack. You first need a low body fat percentage, around seven to eight percent. To do that, smart eating habits are a must and a dedication to training your core properly is essential. No not endless reps of crunches. If your training for a crunch Marathon, then crunch away. If you want well defined abs and sculpted obliques then train them like the other body parts you want to grow. With weight! That's right. With weight. Twice a week from different angles with progressive loads do the trick. Keep the body fat low and remember these two very important things when training your abs. First, you can not spot train! You can isolate to a degree but everything is connected. Second, fat is burned...well.. sort of like a snowball in the sun. Slowly and collectively. Unfortunately the fat found in the stomach is deep viscal fat and hard to get rid of completely especially as you age.
So again your diet is real important. Despite all the nonsense that is out there about training your core and so many phony supplements with awful claims the facts are black and white. Diet, weighted ab exercises (yes for woman as well) and rest along with a low body fat percentage. Hey we all have them, to what extent you develop them is up to you.