GOT JUICE? Steroids...Sometimes You Can Just Tell

Greetings bloggers! It’s Mrs. S again. I decided to create a blog to invite some debate over an issue that I feel warrants discussion: STEROIDS (or “Juice”). It seems every spring it is IMPOSSIBLE to walk through any gym and not see at least ONE guy carrying clearly unnatural muscle mass. I am absolutely baffled by this phenomenon. Do guys in general think bigger is better (and biggest is best?!) or is there a juice culture to whom this appeals? Do men (or women) subject their bodies to this abuse because they feel inadequate without superhuman strength, muscle, endurance? What’s the point? If it is for vanity that men decide to juice- I challenge you to survey 10 women and ask who they find more attractive: a fit lean guy like David Beckham or a monster like Jay Cutler (Mr. Olympia 2008) and MOST would select the former. My opinion on the matter has always been, if you want to attract a WOMAN get lean, if you want to attract another MAN get big. But, that is merely my perspective. What’s yours?
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