On Thursday four days from returning from Africa I returned for the first time in nearly eleven years to an old school boxing only gym. Rustic and hard core, a gym for fighters learning and mastering their craft. You wont catch the majority of American fitness fanatics here. No fancy machines and no juice bar.
I was flooded with memories of the years I spent tirelessly training to perfect my passion in gyms like this. Years of gym wars earning respect in inner city gyms as a young fighter. You have to earn your spot you have to gain respect from the other fighters. You do that by stepping in the ring and going to war, usually ending with a hug or tap on the ass showing mutual respect.
Louie Melendez an old friend now operates this gym on Linden st. in Allentown PA. Just like in the past he greeted me with a big smile a hug and told me "this is your house to".......Man do I love this sport!