If you're like most Americans you're just shaking your head when you drive up to the gas pump. I don't see any relief any time soon, in fact it's probably going to get worse this summer. With that being said, the trickel down effect of higher fuel costs will directly affect your fitness. Well your pocket fiscal fitness that is. The cost to drive back and forth from the gym. Most train five times a week and some people do drive a bit to get to their gym.
The cost of your supplements will rise as a direct result of transport costs. As will the foods you buy. Groceries are already delivering body shots to your wallet and in a big way. The truth is to eat healthy is expensive. Good foods are gonna cost you, that's the bottom line. Lets face it, to be healthy and live healthy is down right expensive. Gym fees, supplements, gas, food. All you can do is the best you can right? Money will come and go and some of us will have more than others however your health and fitness is by far the greatest and most important investment you will ever make.