Scott Urland...Family and Fitness

Hello folks, my name is Scott. The word fitness actually sounds kind of funny to me. It might as well be spelled L-I-F-E. Since I can remember I have been active from sports as a kid to fitness and bodybuilding as I matured into a man. I have three daughters, two dogs, and work as a Facilities Manager at one of the world's top sellers and manufacturers of business products.
I've seen quite a bit, from trying to be the biggest guy in the gym to watching the chemical junkies making a fool out of themselves. I'm 41 years old now and feel like a wise old owl when watching people in the gym wasting there time with far out exercises they learned from there buddy at work.
My lifestyle has changed with the fact that I lead a busy work week at the office and have soccer practice with my daughter and basketball practices and just trying to keep up with life in general. I now incorporate fitness into my week with an approach to be smart in how its done and with results always as a goal.
I will tell you that Rich's experience and workout ethics are without a doubt second to none. His practical and surprisingly basic approach to acheiving fitness goals are fantastic.