I was absolutely amazed recently when I researched using a statistic counting site How many searches for weight lose were contucted between six am and twelve noon on Friday April 25th using one popular search engine. Are you ready for this? 22,487 searches in a six hour period. Hey isn't anyone working?
I was equaly amazed at how many drugs, diet books and weight loss supplements are available to the fat losing public. Yes, all quick loss drugs, programs and promices. I was amazed. Are you kidding me? Do people actualy believe in all that crap and spend money on this stuff? As a man who has never allowed myself to be so undisciplened to have to seek out these products the truth is I was nieve to all that crap out there.
I have to laugh because all your answers to the losing fat puzzle is free here on my simple blog. The overweight will dismiss me for one reason and one alone. I will not give you a get fit quick and easy solution. What you will get is a wake up call about what it takes to live a healthy and fit forever lifestyle. Its all here friends. Years of trial and error and years of sweat and hard work. So stop being fat and depressed and do something positive for yourself and the people that care for you. Get fit and feel great. I am always here to help and answer your questions, always.

Richard Seymour