THE UNCONVENTIONAL IS CONVENTIONAL..principles of H.I.G.T (high intensity group training)

I preach these training principles when it comes to my H.I.G.T program. I believe these five basic principles when applied correctly and accompanied with proper nutrition, supplementation, & rest allow for drastic body composition change and huge gains in speed & strength.
1. INTENSITY...without it you're spinning your wheels, achieve it with heavy weights and little to no rest between exercises.
2. GROUPING...pairing two or more muscle groups during training, remember functional fitness. Muscle contraction is a team effort. Single joint movements are limiting your results.
3. RECRUITMENT..this program was developed to recruit as many fast twitch muscle fibers as possible. These are the fibers responsible for a lean sculpted physique.
4. NO REST.. I should say limited amounts of rest. traditional weight training limits overall growth in trained individuals. Limited to no rest between exercises forces the body to recruit more muscle fibers to handle the increased demands put on the body.
5. UNCONVENTIONAL IS CONVENTIONAL.. Training in this matter puts a huge demand on your heart & lungs, forcing more blood flow and rapid use of oxygen in time resulting in better cardiovascular fitness without endless hours on the treadmill.

These fundamental principles have been tested and proven to work. I began training and developing H.I.G.T in 2004 with the help of some of this country's fittest USFS smoke jumpers.. the deserts of Nevada. I have tweaked it to what it is today. You don't have to agree with these principles I only ask you to ask yourself this, "If there is a better more efficient way of training that will drastically sculpt your body with tons of lean muscle tissue and turn your body into a fat incinerating machine with a metabolism that churns full throttle, can you afford to NOT give it a try?
Your body, your health, your choice.

Richard Seymour