My High Intensity Group Training also known as (H.I.G.T) was developed in 2004 and has fully evolved into the training program it is today. My training methods and principles will seem a bit extreme to some however at thirty seven I can assure you they were developed with the idea that our bodies are ageing, and as athletes we are simply getting older.A training method that would allow you to better your fitness level and build more lean muscle tissue along with burning loads of fat was possible. With that in mind understand H.I.G.T is efficient and effective and results-driven.
My H.I.G.T program takes men to the point where they are certain they want to quit! Sure that they can't possibly continue, then has you work even harder. You will develop explosive power and speed, you will learn the true meaning of functional fitness. Your body will expend more calories during your time in the gym, then continue to rev your metabolism hours afterwards.
H.I.G.T involves the recruitment of both slow & fast twitch muscle fibers. I wont bother with the science. I will tell you H.I.G.T was developed and planned to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers in abundance in order to better increase your potential for growth of overall lean muscle tissue.
More muscle, more body fat burned, more calories burned at rest. Hey this is work! If you are looking for fun, try PlayStation. My high intensity group training will drastically change your body composition...More to come.
Richard Seymour