Most fall somewhere in between these two extremes pictured above. America is the leading nation sadly in both adult and child obesity, yet we are the number one purchaser of abdominal training equipment. I suppose Americans are crunching away on their ab flex while eating those french fries. All kidding aside a true visual assessment of a man's fitness and overall health is clearly defined for all to see in his midsection. Men will deposit visceral fat in the belly, "beer belly", this is the dangerous fat also known as organ fat. Woman deposit this type of fat on their hips and buttocks. Visceral fat accumulation is associated with glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, hypertension, and coronary artery disease. Serious stuff.
Listen, we all have abdominal muscles, most just can't see them because of the layer of fat that hides them. I am going to make it real simple for you so put away that ab flex. Lose the fat! Stop all the crunches! Lose the fat! Please no more crunches. Listen I train abs hard maybe once a week. I do this knowing my abdominal muscles come into play during every single exercise I perform therefore being contracted multiple times during any given workout. Your abs have to work to stabilize the spine during all multi joint exercises. Doing dead lifts, squats, kettle ball presses, rows, and pull ups will work your abs harder than any crunch ever will. So train them like any other body part and for Pete's sake get up off the floor with all those crunches. Build more muscle to amp up your fat burning machine ( your metabolism ). Eat smart, watch your body fat percentage and I promise you your abs will be stretching your t-shirt.
Goes against everything you have been told right! Listen don't get trapped in the world of fitness and muscle magazines with all that consumerism crap. They are trying to pay the bills folks. Don't buy into the 101 ways to get a six pack. Everything you need to build and sculpt a lean and defined body along with a great midsection can be found right here for FREE on this BLOG. My H.I.G.T program is the only tool you need. I am living proof at 37 yrs old. Give it an honest go and see for yourself.

Richard Seymour