BACK IN THE RING.....update!

I am coming home from Africa this Sunday and I will be taking the next step in my return to the professional boxing ring. Some of you may recall from another post that I have been contemplating a return after ten years of being away from professional boxing. I have put together a small team and we begin serious training on April 15Th in Allentown.

At thirty seven those close to me are a bit confused as to why I want to do this. I have gotten a few "are you crazy" and a couple of "Oh my God's". Truth is not too much encouragement and I certainly can understand why. I mean, I have a great career that affords me a great living. I am married to a wonderful woman and we have a real good life. We just built a home and things are good. So why? It's simple, I have accomplished many things the past ten years. I put myself through school, I have traveled the world earning a living, I have met wonderful people and made some life long friendships. I have kept myself in fabulous shape, never ever straying from my true passion, FITNESS. With all those personal accomplishments, one thing!
The one thing that eats away at me every single time I watch a fight or here people talking about achieving their goals or discussing how it's so important to never quit, never give up!

I get this sick feeling in my gut. I ended my professional boxing career as short as it was on a really bad note. I had been plagued by personal problems and my mind was not in it. I wasn't training, I wasn't focused, I was pathetic. I took a fight on short notice for a big payday. I had no business taking the fight because I hadn't been training.

I fought in front of a packed house on a USA network Tuesday Night Fights at the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia, PA. Although no one will remember the fight, I let myself down that night. I was put down three times in the first round. Each time I got knocked down I got back up, but I had nothing. I hadn't prepared, I didn't train and focus as I had always done for so many years. I let personal problems take me away from something I truly was passionate about. I let myself down that night. My pride, not ego was bruised.

It bothers me to this day. I know I was and am better than that and I want to prove only to myself that when I focus and I prepare and I train properly I can achieve anything I put my mind to. So my plan is to fight by mid summer. My first phone call was to a real good friend. Without hesitating he told me he was there for me, "what ever you need". Then I worked on a trainer and have decided to go with an old boxing friend and trainer from Allentown, PA. Louie Melendez. I am sharing this with all of you because I can not tell you to never stop achieving, don't ever give up on your goals, and to believe in yourself if I don't practice what I am preaching and well....I have to kill a few personal demons.