Day two training on the H.I.G.T training program is one of the most demanding. You will quickly find out what you are capable of as you will be tested both physically as well as mentally. Once again I will not prescribe the amount of weight you will use or the number of reps. However again! I will tell you this is about intensity, exercises performed in a superset fashion with minimal rest between sets. Maximum of thirty seconds. Your weight with each set should increase and become more challenging. With these two principles we achieve maximum intensity and force our bodies to adapt and ultimately get stronger and leaner. Good luck! Remember warm up with 10 min of skipping rope or treadmill work.

GROUP 1. Squat..into...pull ups...4 sets
GROUP 2. Bent over barbell row..into...Stiff legged dead lifts..4 sets
GROUP 3. Barbell Deadlift...into..One arm kettle ball swing & press..4 sets
GROUP 4. Dumbbell upright rows...into..Standing one leg dumbbell lunges...4 sets
Remember these exercises are performed one after another only resting between each super set.

Richard Seymour