Shoulders & triceps are grouped in day three of my H.I.G.T program. Once again weight and reps will not be prescribed due to not knowing your current level of fitness. As always the principles of heavy weight maximum thirty second rest periods between sets and no rest between super sets applies.

Assuming you are properly warmed up and prepared to begin training: (sample routine as follows)

Seated military press Shoulder exercise )..directly into...close grip bench press ( triceps exercise ) 4 sets

Dumbbell front raises..directly into..Triceps dumbbell kickback..4 sets

Dumbbell side raises..directly into..parallel bar dips..4 sets

Dumbbell side raises..directly into..Triceps cable press downs..4 sets

I usually follow this routine with ab training then conclude with 20 min of rope skipping.
Richard Seymour