DO DIETS WORK?.....What do you think?

All across this country people are taking part in following some sort of fad diet plan. South beach diet, Atkins diet, slim fast, abs diet, celebrity diet. I could go on and on. I begin by telling you after twenty two years of both competing on an amateur and professional level, training and training others I can say with 100% certainty that diets and dieting does not work to promote long term weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.
However since the diet industry is raking in billions yes billions of dollars perhaps I am missing something. So tell me do they work? Have you had success? Have you had Long term success? I want to know your personal story, now is your chance to be heard. I want the readers of this site to weigh in on this hot topic. Tell me why or why not diets and dieting do or do not work. The media and commercialism are part responsible for a majority of bad information out there. TV Celebrity diets? C’mon are you kidding me.
We are an overweight nation; we are a nation of fast food. What are we teaching our kids when it comes to proper eating and exercising? I have a friend who has a five year old who would rather play on the computer than play outside. Are we leading these kids by example? You better believe we are they are direct products of their parents. They do what they see you doing or not doing period! If you are a fat parent who lives a lazy lifestyle then I think it’s safe to say your children will be a mirror image of you and your lifestyle. How selfish of you!
These are some issues worth debating and I am curious how both the fit and overweight readers feel about them so again I encourage you to be herd click below to tell your story or voice your opinion. I don’t and never have battled weight issues. Not because I have great genetics or take some magic pill or even know some stay fit secret. I just committed myself to a lifestyle from a young age with the proper guidance from my parents of hard work, sensible eating, consistency and a tremendous respect in my greatest personal possession… health.

Richard seymour