Competitor Spotlight NPC Figure Athlete Samantha Ford

Samantha Ford
Age: 29
Occupation: Nurse
Hometown: Philly area
Years competing: 2
Competition History: (See below)

 9 Competitions, 2014, 2015

First contest big cat 2014 1st place class c
May Lehigh valley 3rd place open figure class c

PA state's first place open figure class c

Xcalibur cup 2nd place open figure class b

August Atlantic City Europa 3rd place open figure class b

Future plans are nationals.

ABFITT: Thank you for taking the time to talk with ABFITT. Can you give us some background information? 

Samantha Ford:  I am 29 year old living in the philadelphia area. I work full time as a nurse. I absolutely love competing and fitness is not only my hobby but my passion. It is amazing how you can transform your body with the right tools along with hard work and dedication. I have a bit of what they call a type a personality and will not stop working towards my goals and improving my physique each year.

ABFITT: What sparked your initial interest in weight training and a health and fitness lifestyle? Can you share with us how this lead to competing?

 Samantha Ford: I initially started weight training and getting into fitness after breaking out of a bad verbally abusive relationship that lasted several years. I was living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle and had began to feel less confident in myself. I used to love to work out, mostly cardio, but had stopped and wanted to get back to a healthier lifestyle. I started going to the gym several times per week and lifting more frequently. I was lifting up to 6 times per week, seeing results that I had never seen before with cardio alone. I started reading fitness magazines and websites to teach myself new workouts and diet ideas. In the back of my head I always wanted to compete. I loved the look of NPC figure competitors and wanted to look like that myself. I started to do my research and attended a local show to see what it was all about. After attending that, I was certain I wanted to do it. I reached out to my aunt who was a bodybuilder to help me get started on a diet plan. After working with someone to assist me with a proper diet, I was amazed how my body looked. Diet is essential to competing; almost 85% of what it is all about. In the beginning, I thought I would just do one show but after my first show I had so much fun I was hooked. I felt a sense of accomplishment I never had felt before. 

ABFITT: What is your take on training?

Samantha Ford: Every time I go to the gym I train with a purpose and that is to be better than I was before. Making every workout count. Training hard is only one of the many pieces to the puzzle when training for a show. The key is always consistency. Sometimes it takes time to see results and you have to be patient. I believe in training every muscle group until failure and I like to change things up so I don't get bored. In addition, I believe you should seek help from a
trainer who has good credentials. The best advice I have for somebody competing is to make sure you have the time, money, and resources to compete before you commit yourself. If you don't, you will be setting yourself up for failure. Competing is a lot of hard work but is well worth it for those who are committed. Also, remember to be patient. CHanges don't happen overnight and reward yourself for what you accomplish. Bodybuilding is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle. That is important to always remember. Love the lifestyle and the results will come.

ABFITT: Talk to us about the importance of nutrition and how you dial it in when preparing to step on stage. 

Samantha Ford:  Nutrition is without a doubt the most important factor when training for a show. Eat clean and follow your plan. When I am prepping for a show and even in my offseason I measure and prepare all my meals in advance so I am always prepared. During my prep I limit condiments and seasoning which is very hard for me.I love my contaminants lol. Always make sure I have enough food on hand so I am prepared for the week and am not running to the store multiple times per week. With my job sometimes following contest diets can be difficult but I make it work. The bottom line is always plan.

ABFITT: Discuss your competition history. Tell us about it and what if any one show stands out the most, for better or worse?

Samantha Ford: I competed in a total of 5 shows one in 2014 and 4 this year. Placing within top 3 in all my shows. I truly love competing and the day of the show when the hard work is done and you can have fun. I say it is almost like the prom for bodybuilders lol. I love getting myself done up and tanned to hit the stage and show of the hard work. It is great to be surrounded by other like minded people at the shows. Several shows stand out to me although it is hard for me to narrow it done because they all stand out from me for different reasons. The first show I need The big cat classic stands out to me because it was where I caught the bug as they say. After doing that show I knew I had to keep competing. The excalibur cup was also a great show for me because I met so many great local people who I am still in contact with. The AC Europa was also A good show for me with a bigger venue and pro show as well I loved being surrounded by top of the line inspiring physiques. I am looking forward to experiencing more show next year:)

ABFITT: Let's talk about your contest prep and how you go about getting in the shape required to be competitive in your class.

Samantha Ford: Contest prep is when I become even stricter with my diet. Eating as clean as possible and following my plan to a T. I also switch up my cardio to burn more calories and keep my body burning fat. During prep I do higher reps with my weights and train my abs more frequently. But during prep the main focus should be on your diet. Although you are ultimately the one responsible for getting yourself in contest shape it is vital to have a coach to tel you where you need to improve and recommend the proper diet. Believe ,me even the pros do not go into contest prep alone. Another important part of contest prep is getting enough rest because believe me you will be tired at times. You may not have as much energy to do extracurricular activity but during your prep you main focus should be dialing it in for the show.

ABFITT: How do your friends, family feel about your contests and getting in such great shape to compete?

Samantha Ford: My family and friends definitely do not understand the whole process of prepping for a show and my lifestyle but they are supportive. For instance when prepping during the holidays they don't understand why I just cant have one glass of wine or chocolate etc... They are proud of me for my dedication and how far I have come. Although the do not understand they respect it and are amazed by the willpower practiced during prep. I am very grateful for my family and friends support.

ABFITT: I see so many wonderful photographs of you, from friend of abfitt and top fitness  photographer Spencer Jung of Can you tell us how you met Spencer and how your friendship developed?

Samantha Ford: Spencer was the photographer at my first show and had took so many amazing stage shots and I had also heard about him on facebook and through other competitors / trainers.. After getting myself It contest shape I wanted to capture myself at my best with more than selfies as spence says lol. Worked with him for a shoot and ended up doing more shoots. As a first timer working with him he made me feel comfortable. He is not only a good photographer but has been a great supporter throughout my competitive season.. He has has captured me at nearly every show and has noticed the changed I have made. Looking forward do to doing more shoots next year.

ABFITT:  Any thought on this years Nationals and that IFBB pro card?

Samantha Ford: Going to nationals and doing well is my ultimate goal this year. Of Course I want my ifbb pro card weather it comes this year or the next I am willing to . I am super excited to take my physique to the next level. Body transformation is the most exciting to me. Goal is always to be better than yesterday!. I am excited now to be a part of team biggie smalls. Hoping to bring a new and improved package 2016.

ABFITT: So what’s next?

Samantha Ford: Right now I am in offseason putting on some more muscle to be competitive at national level. I plan on hitting the stage in late spring or early summer to fight for that number one spot and that IFBB pro card!

ABFITT: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, I wish you the best to come in the new year and be certain Abfitt will keeping an eye out for you this season. Visit us