What makes this so interesting to me is this is the man who is responsible for my decision to start boxing professionally and he has been retired for some time now, however Former three-time world champion Jeff Fenech is in solid training in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, for his June 24 bout with 50-year-old great Azumah Nelson. Fenech, at 43 years of age, has been in sensational sparring sessions with former IBF 130 pound champion Gairy St Claire. John Lewis who is the trainer of Fenech said, "What Fenech is doing in the ring is freakish. He has looked good against Gairy St Claire who is one of the best jr lightweight boxers in the world. He has connected with more punches on Gairy than his most recent opponents have. Today they boxed a solid six rounds. I am told that Azumah is in great shape also - he is a great warrior and will not roll over for Fenech so we are in for a outstanding fight on June 24." Fenech was awarded a controversial draw after twelve rounds against Nelson in WBC jr lightweight bout in Las Vegas in 1991. Most of the fans at ringside were of the opinion Fenech had won clearly. In a rematch staged in Melbourne, Australia in 1992, Nelson scored a eight round knockout over Fenech with a record attendance of 37,000 fight fans.