FIREFIGHTING & H.I.G.T...elite fitness

To do their job each and every day, firefighters must be strong, fit, and agile enough to force open steel doors, rapidly climb stairs wearing 100 pounds of protective clothing and equipment, and rescue injured people trapped in confined spaces. Is it any wonder why they are considered heroes? This is why many use my High Intensity group Training (H.I.G.T) as their approach to total body conditioning, H.I.G.T presents comprehensive training methods that have proven successful in transforming out-of-shape individuals into top-flight fit firefighters. Regardless of their current fitness levels, these training principles will enable you to begin today and immediately progress in absolute strength, speed, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, and joint flexibility as well as dramatically change your body composition. My program includes learning to make educated food choices and how to use food for fuel designed to prepare the body for high-intensity training. No other occupation places a greater physiological demand on the human body than firefighting and no other conditioning program challenges fire fighters and police officers to find the courage and strength to excel more than H.I.G.T.. Learn this outstanding training system from former professional fighter Richard Seymour