Womans Fitness, Ladies are more serious than ever!

Today more than ever it is common to see women side by side with the men using the very same free weights, squat racks, and even the heavy bags that we guys are using. They ( the ladies) are not afraid any longer to stray from women-only facilities or the ladies area in back rooms of large health club chains. Hardcore! And I love it.

No reason a woman shouldn't want the muscle building and FAT burning benefits of weight training. Women who train today are educated in proper nutrition and up to date on current fitness programs. No longer are they afraid to grind out miles on the treadmills or slug it out for a few rounds with the punch mitts. Skip rope, squat, dead lift, push-ups, super-set, and just flat out train with as much intensity as any man. I know this because over the years my wife has progressed and learned and committed to training with no rules or barriers to hold her back.

I have seen the changes in the gyms, health clubs, and even the dimly lit side alley boxing clubs. Women are pursuing their fitness goals at all cost. So remember, her fitness, her training, and her goals are just as important as ours are to us guys. Only they might not talk so much about it. In fact I know of one lady right now at 4am is pumping out miles on the treadmill in PA, before work. So ladies- train hard, eat smart, and feel good about your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Richard Seymour.