TRIUMPH OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT.....Yes you can!!!!!!

Even In the most unlikely places if you look hard enough you will find it. If you listen, I mean really listen, you can hear them tell their stories. If you pay attention you may even learn what it takes to find your own sucsess. Stories of hard work unbelievable acts of sacrifice and commitment. Emotional tales of achievement and perseverance.

These people, these places I am speaking of are all around you. Every human being has a story to tell. These things I speak of don't just happen on the playing fields and in stadiums. They don't only happen on the courts, pools and gymnasiums. No in fact these stories of human excellence I am talking of also take place in our everyday lives.

Other people from all walks of life are our best source of inspiration, because this I promise you. No matter how hard you have worked or sacrifices you made. You better believe some one has worked harder and sacrificed more. The tough times you have gone through, some one has experienced worse.

You can learn allot from others if you take the time to listen, hear their stories and find inspiration in the heart and triumphs of the human spirit. Now go achieve your dreams.