Punch-Proof Abdominals How I Train Professional Boxers And What You Can Learn From It!

Ripped, six pack abs may get admiring looks at the beach or by the pool, but in my world as an athlete & fitness consultant to both the average joe and athletes, what comes first and counts the most is not looks, but function. Stated differently, I’m talking about athleticism. Function is the ability to use those abdominal muscles for a reason, such as excelling in sports.

The interesting thing is, when you train for function and athleticism, the form almost always follows the function. Train like an athlete and you will look like an athlete. Perhaps you won’t build the muscle bulk of a bodybuilder, but take a good look at wrestlers, gymnasts or boxers. There you have some of the most athletic people in the world, and it is no coincidence that in these sports you also see some of the finest physiques in the world as well.