Manny just fights!

Pacquiao just fights. The world has never seen a happier, more contented pugilist. What's more, he's made history. A fighter who began at 106 pounds suddenly finds himself the welterweight champ. He is undefeated at 140 pounds or above, having ended Oscar De Hoya's career in nine rounds, demolished Ricky Hatton in two, and now, overwhelming Miguel Cotto, another formidable welterweight champion Mayweather managed not to fight.

At those weights, Manny is taking real risk every time he performs.

Then again, those merrily accepted risks are very much appreciated. Despite the recession, and a pricing scheme that asks $64.95 to see a fight in HD, I expects pay-per-view numbers for Pacquiao-Cotto to fall between one million and 1.5 million buys. Closer to a million-five, and that's with two non-Americans. Manny has drifted into everyone's consciousness. Big time boxing is back!