Boxing Boot Camp...Build your best body ever, starts May 15th 2010

High-energy boot camp style training system that combines H.I.G.T (High Intensity group training) and it's principles with boxing techniques to build lean sexy muscle & torch loads of body fat, to build & sculpt your best body ever. Taught by former professional boxer, fitness consultant,editor of AbFitt & creator of the H.I.G.T program, with over twenty two years experience, Richard Seymour at his personal training location in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

You will train the same way a professional boxer prepares for a big fight with the added challenge of his High Intensity Training Program, (H.I.G.T)

* Learn the tools to achieve a lean, hard, sculpted, fit body for life.

*Learn to skip rope to burn fat, build speed and endurance.

*Multi joint exercises to build muscle and torch fat. Get peeled, get shredded.

*Learn to throw fast, hard punching combination's for strong defined shoulders.

*Intense Aerobic/anaerobic training circuits to build lean muscle and six pack abs. Achieve rock hard legs & overall full body fitness.

*Great as an addition to your current training program

*Lectures on Nutrition/supplementing, metabolism efficiency & fitness and aging.

Come challenge your mind and body in an intense boxing style, full body-conditioning workout. All levels of fitness are welcome. Sponsored by AbFitt. Live Fit be Fit! 60 minutes will change your life....

Cost: $25 per class-package deals available
Duration: One hour minimum
Date: Sat May 15th
Time: 1:00pm
Who: men/woman any age, experience

* more dates and times available soon*

If you are interested in Learning more about this class, or want to reserve your spot, please "contact us" to receive our general inquiry form,