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The mission of AbFitt is to provide information & environment where athletes and individuals can learn to train and recover to achieve their dreams, not just their potential. I will assist you to maximize your health and guide you to reach beyond your ability in developing a life-long love for fitness and wellness.

My mission is to provide each individual/athlete with all of the necessary physical and mental tools they require to perform at peak levels, maintain a lean muscular body for life. To do this, I employ a comprehensive, unique and proven approach to developing success called ( H.I.G.T ) high intensity group training. Learning to train in this fashion starts with a thorough education, consisting of various insight into flexibility, functional movement, strength, power and performance all found here on the pages of Abfitt, because I know there is far more to developing and insuring continued whole body fitness & health success than just running and jumping. I am proud to announce that for the first time ABFITT has reached the 60,000 readers mark. Thanks for your support!