10 Fit Foods

Ten Fit Foods To Help You Lose Weight


Wait, waters not a food, is it? Well no, but your body is composed of around 70% water so it is a very critical substance to a healthy body. If you’re trying to lose weight we hope you’re exercising, and if you’re doing things right then you should be sweating. Drinking lots of water is the absolute best way to rehydrate yourself after a hard workout. We recommend that you drink as many as 10 glasses a day to turbocharge your fat loss goals.

You remember in your younger days when you would watch Popeye on Saturday cartoons? There was a reason Popeye was so lean and muscular and that was because he ate spinach. Spinach is one of the healthiest green vegetables and is a great food for fat loss. At only 7 calories per cup spinach makes a great topping to any salad or other side dish. Lots of great vitamins and minerals are found in spinach like most green veggies.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away right? Well either way, apples are excellent for those of us who are trying to shed a few pounds. Apples are extremely convenient and surprisingly filling. Their easy to pack around and they come in quite the variety.


Celery is a very interesting vegetable in the fact that the caloric impact your body has breaking down celery actually burns more calories then the celery contains. So literally eating celery is like eating negative calories. Kind of cool huh? Celery is a very crunchy vegetable that goes great with some other healthy snacks. Combine it with natural peanut butter to get your healthy fats and make a tasty treat.


The chicken, especially the breast, is one the very leanest meat cuts you can get. They cook up fast, they taste great, and they contain an abundance of protein. Whats not to love? We recommend sticking with the boneless skinless chicken breasts for the healthiest variety of chicken thats sure to help you with your weight loss goals.


Protein per calorie, tuna is one of the hardest foods to beat. The protein contained in tuna is a great way to add more lean muscle which helps turn your body into a fat burning machine. It’s also rumored that the leptin contained in tuna will help to speed up your metabolism and help you burn that fat even faster.

Green Tea

Tea, green tea especially, is a great drink to aid in fat loss. The caffeine will give you that extra little bit of energy and the tea also delivers an assortment of great vitamins and minerals. Many people claim that green tea helps them control their appetite and lets be honest, controlling your appetite and watching your calorie intake is whats really going to help you loose that weight.


Thats right we said it, even high calorie nuts are a great snack. Low sugar, fiber, vitamin containing nuts are a great snack that if eaten in moderation will be a great choice. The majority of your healthy monounsaturated fats should come from nuts. Almonds are one of the best choices because they are easy to count and carry.

Many people stay away from eggs as they’ve seemed to get a bad rep over the years. Everyone says they’re high in fat and cholesterol! Honestly, eggs do have quite a bit of fat, especially in the yolk, but what many people don’t realize is that eggs don’t contain bad fats. The other theory is that eggs will make you have high blood cholesterol. It has been proven that blood cholesterol levels are only mildly affected by dietary cholesterol. To sum eggs up, keep eating them like all other foods, in moderation.


Who doesn’t like a fresh sweet strawberry? The majority of berries are a great way to sweeten bland tasting foods. Cover your oatmeal or other foods with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or other berries to help control digestion and to slow down your carbohydrate absorption. Berries are a great source of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants

There have it. Ten foods that will help you with your weight loss goals. Remember that these are only ideas for healthy choices. We’re suggesting healthy options to help you succeed but its important to remember to count your calories. Make sure your still in a caloric deficit, combine that with some of these healthy ideas, and your sure to achieve your weight loss goals.