Rich Fit / Lean For Life Series.... The simple yet effective jump rope.

A great way to burn additional calories after your ( "the key is after" ) your weight workout is with the rope. That's right, like I have explained in the past skipping rope for ten straight minutes at about 80% mhr will burn just as many calories as running for 30 min.

Skipping rope builds strenght and stamina, sculpts your legs and develops strong shoulders. Helps shape a well defined core. However many people use the rope skipping workout for a warm up. That is all wrong. See the body needs about twenty minutes of intense training just to burn stored calories as fuel. It's shortly after your stored calories are burned that the body begins to use body fat as a source of fuel. Now if your nutrition is not in check, your body turns to the more metabolic muscle for energy.

Making A practice of skipping rope after your weight training does a number of things. First you insure all stored carbohydrates have been burned off because they fueled your weight training, when you needed them the most. Second you now tap into your fat stores when doing the cardio ( skipping rope ) that is when you want to be toasting additional fat.

Combine my high intensity training principles along with my nutritional and supplementing rules, as well as adding rope work. This is a huge step to achieving the body you deserve. Go get it!