A Bigger, Better, Leaner, Stronger you in 2012

There are many great vitamins and supplements but it is important to understand first that there are NO MAGIC PILLS. There is not a pill or a drink that will make you bigger, leaner, stronger, etc., without good nutrition and a healthy dose of exercise. This is fact, so please eat good foods daily!

Don't misunderstand supplements do have their place, but not when it comes to quick fixes. Supplements in addition to a healthy diet and exercise program will go along way to helping you reach your fitness goals.

PROTEIN POWDERS- These are critical in my diet plan for 3 reasons. They are convenient, they are inexpensive and they help me grow and maintain lean muscle. It can be confusing though! Do you buy whey, soy, casein, egg, or a blend of protein? They each have their benefits and I include all of them in my diet.
Whey- is one of the highest bio-available forms of protein. It is a fast absorbing protein that makes it ideal for pre and post workout, as well as anytime during the day. Another huge benefit of whey is that it comes in many flavors.

Casein- is a slow digesting protein. You can take it anytime, but the slow breakdown of the protein makes it a perfect choice for a before bedtime meal to aid in recovery and muscle development while you sleep. I do not recommend Casein if you are lactose intolerant, and I do not recommend taking extra protein before bed unless you are doing lots of high-intensity strength training.

Multi vitamin- A good multi vitamin is like an insurance plan. I advise getting most of your nutrition through proper nutrition, but a vitamin supplement can be good insurance. If your body does not use the vitamins, the excess will merely be excreted. Vitamins do not need to be expensive. A good multi-vitamin will be good insurance if you are eating well. J

Caffeine- YES, caffeine has a place in my diet. I love it. It speeds up my metabolism and it keeps me energized and allows me to push harder during my workouts. . Green tea or coffee can be ideal for most mornings, but I like something that gives me a bit more focus pre-workout. I am a fan of powders and stay away from pills. regardless make sure you read the label. If I don’t know what the ingredients are, I will do research and find out. This is not a place to mess with your health. Research ingredients. Listen to your body and recognize that jitters, racing heartbeat, and dizziness are not healthy ways to feel, and surely won’t benefit your workout.

Green Tea Extract- There are many benefits to green tea. Green tea has been shown to slow down the effects of aging and even cancer growth. It is not a magic potion by any means but the health benefits have been thoroughly researched are a large reason I take the extract and drink a lot of green tea.

GLUTAMINE and Amino Acids- I take these AFTER my workouts for muscle recovery and I DO NOT recommend these supplements UNLESS you are working out intensely.