What you put into your body determines just how healthy you are.

The most important information when it comes to eating and living healthy is to always remember that “you are what you eat”. If you make unhealthy eating selections you can be sure that you are not living a healthy lifestyle. If you eat foods that contain more than one ingredient you are not eating healthy and are not making smart decisions about your diet.

You want to avoid foods that contain a large number of ingredients and avoid foods that are high in additives. Another thing to keep yourself on track when you are shopping is to remember to look at the expiration date of the item you are considering for purchase. If the item you have selected has a long expiration date, it is not a healthy choice for you to make. The higher the expiration date is, the less healthy it is for you! You need to always be aware of the ingredients, the additives, and the expiration date of the items of food you are purchasing. If you do all of these things and pay attention you will most certainly make healthier food selections and you will, most importantly, live a healthier lifestyle!