BoXFiT Boot Camp, Spring 2012 Classes Now Forming

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Build the body of a fighter with AbFitt's "BoXFiT" A fast-paced, fat-shredding, skills building Boxers workout. This boot camp has been designed to compliment your existing training program or for first timers to experience the training program of a professional boxer, without taking the punches. Spring classes forming now.

High-energy boot camp style training system that combines H.I.G.T (High Intensity group training) and it's principles with boxing techniques to build lean sexy muscle & torch loads of body fat, to build & sculpt your best body ever. Taught by former professional boxer, fitness consultant, editor of AbFitt & creator of the H.I.G.T program, with over twenty two years experience. Train with Richard Seymour at his personal training location in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. The Pocono mountains have long been the training camp location of the worlds best professional boxers.

You will train the same way a professional boxer prepares for a big fight with the added challenge of his High Intensity Training Program, (H.I.G.T) and new this year Cross-fit with Instructor Jessie Rauhs.

* Learn the tools to achieve a lean, hard, sculpted, fit body for life.

*Learn to skip rope to burn fat, build speed and endurance.

*Multi joint exercises to build muscle and torch fat. Get peeled, get shredded.

*Learn to throw fast, hard punching combination's for strong defined shoulders.

*Intense Aerobic/anaerobic training circuits to build lean muscle and six pack abs. Achieve rock hard legs & overall full body fitness.

*Great as an addition to your current training program

*Lectures on Nutrition/supplementing, metabolism efficiency & fitness and aging.

Come challenge your mind and body in an intense boxing style, full body-conditioning workout. All levels of fitness are welcome. Sponsored by AbFitt. Building better bodies. Live Fit be Fit! 60 minutes will change your life....

Cost: $25 per class-package deals available
Duration: One hour minimum, up to 2 hrs
Date: Sat May 12, Sun May 13
Time: 1:00pm
Who: men/woman any age, experience
Hotel: Information provided

* more dates and times available soon*

If you are interested in Learning more about this class, or want to reserve your spot, please "contact us" to receive our general inquiry form,