Building Better Bodies & Living The Shredded Life.

Rich/Fit Fit Tips

1. Eat starches, grains and fruit ONLY when you need them: breakfast after a night’s fast, before your workouts and in the hour after your workout. At other times eat veggies as your source of carbs.

2. Make sure you train hard and keep a workout tracker/diary. This way you know if you are just going to the gym doing the same old or you are actually pushing harder each time. Your goal should be to outperform yourself every time.

3. Stay consistent. Don’t try to find a perfect diet that you start out on after another binge of junk food. When you over eat crap and don't exercise you get fat, simply put. It also wreaks havoc on your blood sugar which is NOT good for your muscle growth.

4. Eat real food, real food has a higher metabolic value than engineered foods. Compliment your eating plan with protein shakes. Protein bars are not good snacks. They have energy but not many real nutrients. It’s actually better IMO to eat a hamburger than a protein bar. In case of the hamburger it’s real food. Something that can be on the shelves for years cannot be good for you, exception POWDERS (protein powder). Just don't rely on these, remember they are just a supplement.

5. Eat moderate amounts of nuts and oils. Yes they are “healthy” but they don’t really fuel your workouts. They are good for hormonal health, joints etc, but don’t eat a fat and protein diet and believe it’s gonna make you train like an animal and get lean & muscular.

6. Think about your digestive system. You need alkaline foods like veggies daily in order to keep your body healthy. When you build muscle you need a lot of protein, but protein makes your body acidic. You can fix that bad state by eating tons of greens.You want carbs, get them from veggies. Remember the bloat you may get is simply temporary.

7. Consistency. Stop being impatient. Impatient people don’t get results. Why? they just don't last long enough to reap results. You need patience and planning, look truth is all your fitness goals can be accomplished with keeping these principles in mind: eat lots of good foods;when you train with weights, train heavy (heavy being relative to your body); consistently be consistent; mix up your exercises- cardio/workout schedule every three weeks to keep your body guessing and challenged; supplement with simple yet proven products such as whey protein, creatine, glutamine, BCAA, and a good multivitamin.

In closing, STAY OFF THE SCALE, use the mirror- it doesn't lie, and enjoy the journey. Enjoy the challenge, and have fun while achieving your goal. It'll make the process both educating and rewarding.