12 More Tips to Boost Testosterone and Growth Hormone

  1. Eat a small meal about 1-2 hours before workouts and again immediately after your workouts.
  2. Supplement amino acids (glutamine, BCAAs, arginine) before, during and after workouts ( I love using Jack3d before and X-tend before, during and after).
  3. Do high repetition training with shorts breaks.
  4. Do maximum intensity training, such as sprints (the very best fat burning exercise there is).
  5. Avoid alcohol.
  6. Get your body-fat % down because it causes the body to produce more estrogen (sprints plus OxyElite Pro plus CLA plus low carb diet equals my cutting routine).
  7. Take short 30 minute naps during the day.
  8. Have sex.
  9. Don’t over-train (seriously, it’s more important than you might think).
  10. Eat a healthy diet high in vegetables and unsaturated fats and take your multivitamin.
  11. Don’t forget your supplements!